The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has pursued policies of ongoing human rights abuses against Uighurs and other ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang since 2014.

As shown by CNN, thousands of victims have been detained and worked in facilities in Xinjiang. Many have suffered torture and humiliation, including being beaten with batons while strapped in a chair, forcibly given injections and pills, raped, and forced nudity.

Children are separated from their families and then pushed into fields for coercive labor.

Human Rights Watch listed some additional offenses, such as forced returns to China, separation of families, violations of reproductive rights, and cultural and religious erasure.

CCP has named this a “Strike Hard Campaign against Violent Terrorism.”

Referring to this campaign, Maisumujiang Maimuer, a Chinese religious affairs official, wrote on Weibo, “Break their lineage, break their roots, break their connections, and break their origins. Completely shovel up the roots of “two-faced people.” Dig them out, and vow to fight these two-faced people until the end.”

France24 presents a graph showing many reports and research about Xinjiang’s situation.

CNN also showed a leaked 137-page PDF file from the CCP, revealing detailed surveillance reports on Uighur families and Beijing’s justification for mass detentions.

According to Reuters, on November 24, a United Nations committee urged China to free people in Xinjiang detention facilities. Additionally, it suggested China provide victims with “remedies and reparation.”

The committee stated that this decision is due to the “lack of improvement in the human rights situation in Xinjiang.”

Liu Yuyin, a spokesman at the diplomatic mission in Geneva, said Beijing disagrees with the UN committee’s action, saying it “smears and slanders China’s human rights situation based on disinformation fabricated by Western countries and anti-China separatist forces.”

Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch, said, “It is increasingly clear that a coordinated global response is needed to end China’s crimes against humanity against Turkic Muslims.”

She added, “That China is a powerful state makes it all the more important for holding it accountable for its unrelenting abuses.”

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