Apollo’s commentator, Wang Duran, said that China arranged for Peng Shuai to give an exclusive interview to the French sports media.

Wang noted that the Chinese regime selected the French sports media L’Equipe. Peng Shuai did not hold a press conference or look for other media. She specifically focused on only one media and published the standard answer prepared by Beijing.

After losing contact with the outside world, Apollo reported that Peng, wearing a red tracksuit with the word “China” printed on it, met with French journalists in a suite on the 16th floor of China’s Olympic Committee hotel. She was accompanied by Wang Kan, director of the committee’s office, as the on-site interpreter.

The site added that Beijing arranged the interview for Peng Shuai under four conditions. 

First, the answers must be in Chinese; 

Second, the questions must be read first; 

Third, no comments are allowed to be added to the interview report; Fourth, the answers to the questions should be published in full.

Peng Shuai told L’Equipe that she had decided to retire and reiterated that she had never accused anyone of sexually assaulting her and that she had deleted the alleged posts on her Weibo account because she wanted to.

Wang Duran said that Peng Shuai announced her retirement exclusively to “Unity Daily,” which means that China has cut off Peng Shuai’s means of traveling abroad. Everyone asked for Peng Shuai to go overseas to prove that she was free. However, when Peng announced she would retire, China made excuses that she would not have to go abroad to play, blocking Peng’s possibility to speak out internationally.

Wang Duran argued that Beijing’s first condition, mentioned earlier, means that China is still not wholly comfortable with Peng Shuai. Wang said that he had heard Peng Shuai answer questions in English at press conferences in international events, and Peng is very fluent in English. She expresses fluently and pronounces words accurately. Beijing’s second condition shows that Beijing must review the questions, delete those they do not want to be answered, and prepare standard answers. Beijing’s third condition is that no comments should be added to the interview report. The fourth one means the interview media can only be typewriters and sounding boards; it cannot analyze or judge and only advocate Beijing. With the veneer of an independent media, it is to make extensive foreign propaganda for the CCP to the world.

Wang Duran said that the standard questions published by the CCP in Unity Daily did not even dare to mention Zhang Gaoli. The fact that Peng Shuai is still unable to speak out because of the close supervision of the CCP means that CCP is still working tirelessly to prevent the Chinese people from knowing about this scandal.

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