According to the Japanese newspaper  Mainichi, the Philippines Coast Guard said on Wednesday, August 3, that it had retrieved debris from a Chinese rocket launched last month; accordingly. The United States has criticized the CCP for not sharing information about its trajectory.

The coast guard said that the debris was torn metal pieces emblazoned with the Chinese flag and some characters identifying it as the Long March 5B rocket. Filipino fishermen discovered it floating off the western Philippine island of Mindoro on Tuesday, August 2. It is about 9 feet long and 6 feet wide, weighing about 220 pounds.

However, the Philippine Space Agency on Sunday, July 31, said that the debris was not a piece of the Long March 5B rocket, which re-entered the atmosphere. Instead, it was found to be a piece of the payload fairing that separated from the rocket during launch and fell from space.

China launched the rocket on July 24, carrying a module to its under-construction space station. The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration criticized the CCP for not sharing its specific trajectory information.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has denied that the rocket’s debris uncontrollably plummeted into the ocean, claiming most of the wreckage burned up during re-entry and that there was no threat to aviation.

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