According to Apollo’s report dated Jun 6, the Police Director of Feng County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu was honored in the list of the best police in China. This angered the online community because Feng district was the place where the mother of eight children was chained in a warehouse that caused public outcry earlier this year.

On Jun 4, the WeChat account “Brother Xiao Cao Telling Stories” posted a certificate of outstanding achievement for the police director of the Feng district. At the top of the certificate, the account raised the question “Is the director of the Feng police department recognized as excellence nationally? [Is that] thanks to The Chained Woman?”

In January, a video appeared on Chinese social media showing a woman with a chain around her neck. She is believed to be a victim of a human trafficking case.

It was later discovered that the poor woman had eight children with her husband who had chained her for many years. However, it’s worth noting that police in Feng County did not know this until the video of the woman appeared on the Internet.

Account “Brother Xiao Cao Telling Stories” then questioned who chose Feng District Police Director to be the best police officer in the country and how many other women are kidnapped and trafficked in Feng County?

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