Power bank with built-in eavesdropping and positioning has appeared on the Chinese market

As digital technology develops more and more, power banks have become an indispensable item for every person. However, a power bank from China has made many people concerned.

On July 27, China state media “China comment” reported that a power bank that integrates eavesdropping, positioning, and other functions have appeared on the Chinese market. Through the built-in SIM card, it can be transformed into “eavesdropping” and “locating devices” to monitor and accurately locate users anytime, anywhere remotely.

The reporter found that such “spy” power banks have a variety of colors and styles, and their prices range from about 45 to 90 dollars. They are sold on multiple e-commerce platforms. Once others operate these power banks, the user’s life could be in a state of being “live broadcast”.

Xiaoli, a person who sells this device, told the reporter that with just one step of setting up “Voice-activated chat” in the app, the recording function would be activated and automatically transmitted to the user’s mobile phone when the sound around the power bank reaches 50 decibels.

10 Omicron variants appear in China in a short time

China has entered the summer, and many places have entered the peak heat period. However, the Covid-19 epidemic is still not under control in this country. Many new variant strains of Coronavirus have even appeared within three weeks.

In more than 20 days since the end of June, as many as 10 Omicron Variants have appeared in China. These virus strains belong to three subtypes, branch B.A. 2. BA. 4 and BA. 5. Among them was the BA.2.12.1 strain, which caused the new outbreak in Chengdu, Sichuan. The Chinese local outbreak database has never shown this branch. It is characterized by rapid transmission and relatively mild symptoms.

The Omicron is rapidly mutating in China this summer. It has been hard to explain when some medical studies suggest that the Coronavirus will grow slowly under hot weather.

Chinese fishing boats cross the border to catch 220 pounds of aquatic products in Taiwan

Recently, Taiwan has had frequent reports of Chinese fishing boats crossing the border in the southwestern waters of Penghu, Taiwan.

According to Taiwan media “Liberty Times”, the Penghu Coast Guard seized an unknown Chinese fishing boat 23.5 miles southwest of Hua Islet.

The fishing boat had crossed the border in the southwest waters of Hua Islet. The Coast Guard has repeatedly issued notices asking to stop for inspection, but the Chinese fishing boat still stubbornly speeds up.

After successfully approaching, the Taiwan Coast Guard discovered that there were 5 crew members on board. Besides, there were 220 pounds of illegally caught seafood, all of which had been dumped into the sea.

Beijing warned the army would take action on sovereignty

Tuesday marks the 95th anniversary of the founding of China’s People’s Liberation Army. At the Chinese embassy in Washington on Tuesday evening, Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, sent a warning to the U.S.

Recently, there are rumors about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan in near future. About this issue, Qin gang said that China’s military would take “forceful measures” to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity if anyone wanted to breach China’s bottom line on the Taiwan issue.

Qin emphasized that the Taiwan question remains the most important and sensitive core issue in China-US relations.

He noted that the Chinese government values peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits and has been making the “utmost efforts” for peaceful reunification, but the so-called “Taiwan independence” separatist forces and their activities pose the biggest threat to cross-Straits peace and stability.

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