The COVID outbreak has hit Linshui County and the Guang’an City of Sichuan Province. As a result, Linshui County residents are now complaining about a shortage of necessary supplies.

Notably, the residents mentioned above queued for nucleic acid testing on May 16.

It is reported that since May 9, Guang’an City has registered 34 local confirmed cases, including 33 in Linshui County and 1 in Guang’an District. In addition to that, there were 467 local asymptomatic infections, including 463 in Linshui County, 1 in Yuechi County, and 3 in Guang’an District.

Up to now, except for students in grade 12, Guang’an city has switched to online teaching.

Mr. Wang, a resident of Linshui County, said in an interview with Chinese media outlet Da Ji Yuan on May 16 that he was not allowed to go out since the locality had been closed and managed. A lot of people were also taken away for quarantine. And that Linshui County’s residents face a shortage of supplies now. He said it would be better to live in the countryside where vegetables and food are still available.

Ms. Lin is a staff member of a hotel in Linshui County. She told Da Ji Yuan that the county closed on May 9. Up until May 16, the stores and markets were all shut down.

Lin further noticed that the hotel where she works was full of anti-epidemic staff and COVID-infected people.

She went on to say that Linshui County had been closed for eight days, and there was a shortage of supplies. It’s because except for the government’s special vehicles, express delivery couldn’t come in. People also didn’t prepare for this to happen. Now, they have nowhere to buy food and supplies.

Sichuan Province said on May 12 that genetic testing revealed that the virus in this round was BA2.2 Omicron subvariant.

Da Ji Yuan’s reporter had a phone call with the Linshui County Government on May 16 to question the current situation. The man answering the phone confirmed that there was a lack of medical supplies in Linshui County.

After that, the reporter was directed to call the CDC to ask for the government’s solution regarding the county’s problem. Eventually, no one picked up his call.

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