Local officials immediately denied rumors of Beijing being under lockdown to combat the Covid-19 outburst on May 12. However, recent data shows that the rumors were well-founded.

At a press conference that day, the Beijing Municipal Government’s spokesman Xu Hejian, dismissed the information. He told residents not to believe in unverified hearsay, shop rationally, and not be nervous. Xu also gave assurance that the capital has enough supplies and takeaways, and express deliveries are constant.

However, Aboluowang published some snapshots showing the empty streets of Beijing in recent days. This leads people to believe that Beijing is under a strict blockade.

Beijing residents told Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan that recently, they had been controlled by the government daily. People were locked in their houses without warning and they complained that they felt like lambs about being slaughtered. They say the government is lousy.

Many Beijingers have posted photos showing their homes under lockdown on the Internet. Anti-epidemic workers dressed in white hazmat suits are called “Dubai” which means big white. The “Dubai” gathered outside their homes and blocked roads with barbed wire, to prevent people from leaving the community.

One Beijing resident told the Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan that they were kept like animals. They went to the police to report the plight of the blockade but did not receive help. They also sought a lawyer, but nothing changed.

They added that there is no law prohibiting them from going out, but they are only allowed to descend the stairs in batches and at times approved by Dubai.

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