According to the South China Morning Post, after registering 827 COVID cases this month, Sanya’s authorities have imposed different measures such as travel restrictions and banning trains and flights into and out of the island. 

As a result, about 80,000 tourists have been stuck in the famous resort town of Sanya after the number of COVID cases soared. After that, many people expressed their dissatisfaction with the lockdown. The deputy mayor of Sanya then had to calm down these stranded passengers.

Sanya is known as the Hawaii of China. With beautiful beaches and a tropical climate, it is a prime destination. Ironically, it was reported that many stranded tourists are Shanghai residents who were on holiday trying to escape the trauma left by the draconian lockdown suffered in their hometown.  

In a recent video uploaded on the Internet, the deputy mayor of Sanya met with many stranded tourists at the airport. Several police officers formed a line to protect him. The deputy mayor promised they would properly solve all problems and offered free accommodation and food. [Video 0:07- 0:44]

He suggested the passengers who were stuck there travel to Sanya Bay and get a hotel room in accordance with the plans made by the airport staff.

Still, the passengers seemed unpleasant about this decision; they chanted, “Go home, go home, we want to go home.”

As Chinese media Economic News reported, from 6:00 a.m. on August 6, the whole city of Sanya would implement temporary global static management, requiring people to stay home.

Authorities did not announce the specific time when the measures would be lifted. But stranded tourists need to have five negative COVID tests and stay for seven days before leaving the city.

According to data from flight tracking website Variflight, nearly 80% of flights out of Sanya were temporarily canceled on Saturday.

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