Wheat in some regions of China is entering its near-ripening period. While waiting to harvest the grain, a farmer’s wheat was destroyed in Shaanxi province.

On May 22, Zhao Moumou, a resident of Donglu Village, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, reported that the construction team destroyed his near-ripe wheat on the evening of April 19.

Zhao said that the construction team destroyed the wheat to build a road before negotiating and signing the contract.

In the video, wheat ready to ripen on an acre of land has now been completely flattened with long trails.

On the 23rd, after investigating, the Pucheng District Public Security Bureau confirmed that the 1.11-acre wheat field, now prepared for road construction through it, belongs to the Zhao family. On April 19, 2022, without consensus, the construction team illegally destroyed 0.8 mu of wheat fields, approximately 530 square meters.

Currently, Li Moumou, in charge of the construction team, has been detained for seven days by the Pucheng District Public Security office for intentionally damaging public and private property.

With the recent scandalous events related to wheat, the incident quickly attracted people’s attention. The flattened wheat field footage has reached over 100,000 views on Weibo, a Twitter platform.

A netizen said that seven days of detaining is too low. The person responsible for this was not only arrested for seven days but also needs to pay the farmer’s compensation.

According to one commenter, the constructor is unlucky because he was detained for seven days because the incident made the news. The netizen stressed that rules must be observed, and law enforcement must be appropriately enforced to prevent such crimes from going unpunished.

Among the comments, some netizens asked whether the person in charge of construction is to blame. Another who knows about the case confirms that it’s not the constructor but the contractor’s fault.

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