The Pudong district of Shanghai issued a notice to increase nucleic acid testing for all employees on July 22nd. This announcement causes panic among residents. Many people begin to buy new refrigerators and stock up on large quantities of supplies.

Wang, a Pudong citizen, told Epoch Times that everyone worries about the coming-back epidemic and is preparing in case of a sudden lockdown.

Wang says, “Like I have saved a lot of things now. I’m afraid they will have a psychotic attack and be sealed up again. Rice and flour, you always have to buy some of these things. At least you have to hold on for a month.” 

This citizen bought 500 kilos of rice and said six or seven families in his area purchased new refrigerators to store food.

According to Wang, entering and exiting the community is difficult because the authorities have installed a face recognition system to monitor residents 24 hours a day. He said, “People have no secrets now. You are under monitoring everywhere you go.”

Wang questions new cases that continue to appear despite the CCP’s COVID strict control. He suspects pandemic prevention is an excuse for the CCP to spy on people who are against it.

Anyone who cannot flee China must adhere to the CCP’s extreme disease control. Citizens are not only stressed out because of the pandemic but also have to be careful of their behavior.

The COVID spread has not entirely ended in China and other countries. Infection clusters have reappeared in many major cities in China, including Shanghai. While millions of Chinese citizens are required to undergo tests or are placed in isolation, many places in the world have decided to live with it.

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