Because of the strict lockdown, international media could not enter Shanghai to report the situation. However, videos and images shared by Shanghai people help the world understand more about the harshness of the “zero-Covid” policy from the Chinese government.

A few days ago, ET cited a video sharing how the Shanghai residents are having a hard time while the city is under lockdown.

The incident took place on May 12. The first scenes in the video show houses were sealed off by the authorities. Outside a residential area, the street was quiet.

The resident who shared this video said he was looking to buy green vegetables. However, two vegetable shops were forced to close.

He went to a mobile vegetable cart to ask for vegetables. This car will only stop at each residential area for a moment. It fears being arrested by the authorities.

The resident asked the seller about the prices of green vegetables. The answer was 10 yuan (nearly 1.5 dollars) per pound (nearly 500 grams). All green vegetables were 10 yuan a pound.

This is a very high price level compared to normal days in Shanghai.

Someone next to the resident asked the seller what time he came in to sell vegetables. The answer was that vegetables were sold non-stop from 3-4 a.m.

While the seller was selling vegetables, he observed whether the police came to drive him away.

Duck eggs were also sold at a very high price of 100 yuan per pound (1500 grams).

On May 15, the Shanghai authorities announced that lockdown restrictions in the city would ease from May 16. However, up to May 18, residents seem to be still under lockdown in their areas.

A man filmed daily life in his residential area to reveal the truth. In the video, he said he was in the most severe epidemic area in Shanghai-Pudong New Area on May 16.

He said his community and Shanghai hadn’t been unblocked. He can’t understand the media news. His neighborhood has been closed for 60 days, and still, no one can go out.

To prove his words, he showed the entrance to the community area and said it had been closed since March. He also pointed out that there are still barriers on the side of the roads in Shanghai.

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