The closure of Shanghai, which was ridiculed by netizens as “starting as a joke” (April Fool’s Day on April 1) and “ending in child’s play” (Children’s Day on June 1), finally ushered in an unblocking after 65 days.

“Shanghai is back,” “Shanghai is fully resuming work and production,” and thank-you letters from the Shanghai government to the general public have also been trending on the Internet.

This is the time for citizens to enjoy their lives after long-lasting suffering due to confinement. 

Most citizens go out to enjoy delicious food and relive the taste of freedom. Some people freely roam the streets, take advantage of public transport, and go shopping. Others choose to cheer and sing in their apartments. Many people even celebrate by setting off fireworks on balconies, making it an auspicious day like New Year’s Eve.

However, there are still some concerns, and some find it hard to believe that the lockdown is finally ending.

According to Reuters, citizens must wear masks when going out. They are asked to maintain social distance and are not allowed to gather in groups. Besides, they must take nucleic acid tests every 72 hours to use public transportation and enter and exit public places. Code scanning is also required when entering and leaving areas.

One citizen comments that it was like being thrown into a primitive society during the closure of Shanghai. He now doesn’t know how to face the outside world and people.

Another shares his observation that he saw some people cheering and rushing into the streets when the lockdown was lifted. At the same time, he also witnessed some others who are still unhappy and cannot get back on track.

Some netizens say that after staying at home for such a long time, they have no desire to go out at all.

According to the New York Times, although authorities have announced the resumption of work and production from June 1, about 640,000 residents are still required to stay at home, and they must wait for weeks before the stay-at-home order is fully lifted.

It is still difficult for the financial hub to return to normal life because it faces many problems, including economic and social issues.

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