China’s anti-epidemic personnel, known as “Dabai” or “Big Whites,” for their distinctive protective clothes, were pictured breaking into residents’ homes through a window.

As Sohu reported, the person had to climb upstairs with the help of the drainpipe to enter a resident’s house because he had no key or no way to get in while the house owner had been taken to a quarantine site.

Recently, Shanghai residents are seeing Big Whites a lot more often, as they would enter their homes to spray disinfectant. Some were as thorough as to spray every corner of the place, including TV, furniture, or refrigerators.

But not all would uphold their duties as seriously.

On May 9, a resident returned home and found his home had already been disinfected. The clothes hanging at the door, the soft bags on the sofa, the curtains, and the quilt on the bed were all gone. The food in the refrigerator was thrown away, and even about 6,000 yuan (883 dollars) left at home disappeared. He stated that disinfection work is so irresponsible.

Shanghai residents have also complained about the internet that they were asked to hand their house keys to the Big Whites. If they refuse, the personnel could simply break-in, by smashing or kicking open their house doors.

A Shanghainese shared on his blog on May 9 a picture of a severed house door. It was his father’s house, and he said that the Big Whites would enter the house after taking his keys.

Some online users expressed sympathy for the Big Whites, saying they are just ordinary people with parents, children, and relatives. They are worthy of being understood and respected.

According to the Paper, the Shanghai authority has a professional force of nearly 6,000 people, which can meet the needs of citywide disinfection. They are ready to spray residential areas, construction sites, office buildings, parks, green spaces, etc.

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