Multiple districts in Shanghai have locked up their communities again after temporarily unblocking them.

According to the website China5000, many districts have reinstated their lockdowns after they continued to detect Covid positive cases.

On May 20, Hongkou District issued a notice requiring all residents in the district to carry out nucleic acid testing for three consecutive days, from May 20 to May 22. Anyone who does not participate in the new round of testing will be marked with a yellow code.

During this period, supermarkets and shops along the street will be closed. All personnel will stay at or work from home. The “exit permits” that have been issued will be suspended.

On May 21, Jing’an District officials also issued a notice to local residents with similar content but will implement the Covid testing from May 22 to 24.
In Changning District, some residents stated on May 22 that the local authorities also began to ban people from leaving the community and had stopped issuing the “exit permits.”

In Fengxian District, residents are afraid of another ten days of lockdown.
Fengxian was the first large district in Shanghai to achieve the social zero-Covid at the community level. It had officially announced an orderly opening on May 13.

However, on the night of May 18, a large market in Nanqiao, one of eight towns in Fengxian, was suddenly crowded, with people lining up to buy vegetables. In an outgoing video, a resident introduced that people have been notified at night that the district may go into lockdown for ten days, and that is why the crowd is queuing up to buy vegetables at the big night market.

A Fengxian resident surnamed Chen told the media that the case took place because Nanqiao Town found one positive case of Covid.

Chen said that if there is a Covid case, he or she will be like a great enemy, and the city will take extreme measures. Shanghai is still far away from unlocking.
Other people also left messages about the resumption of lockdown in Shanghai’s districts.

(Mr.) Zhang is a resident of the Hongkou District. He told the media on May 22 that the authorities had bragged all day long that it would open the community, but they could not open it. It is impossible to contain the epidemic now, and this prevention method will definitely not work.

Zhang said that there would be positive cases each day during the three consecutive days of Covid testing in the Hongkou District. A positive case was detected on the afternoon of May 22.

He added that because many people do nucleic acid tests, there must be false positives among them.

Ms. Wang is a resident of the Jing’an District. She told the media on May 22 that her community had been closed. She has not even been issued a temporary exit permit, so she cannot go out.

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