For months, China has been through natural disasters such as floods and recent intensive waves of the COVID pandemic.

Recent floods in various places in China have left consequences for residents. The latest floods occurred in Song Xi County, Nanping City, Fujian Province. 

In the video, water enters the lower area. Serious waterlogging occurred in the urban area, to varying degrees in many places. Warehouses, basements, shopping malls, shops, and areas along the river flooded to differing degrees.

The situation is dangerous when the water level in some places almost reaches the transmission lines. Garbage and items are floating in the water. Nanping city looks like a river; water is everywhere, covering a large area of the city.

Local authorities moved almost 24,500 people from dangerous areas and evacuated 950 trapped people. There are no reports of casualties.

Propaganda in flood rescue

These videos show how the Chinese government responded to the floods and other disasters in Zhengzhou last year. 

A user posted a video on Twitter. The video records a few police officers. Three of them were holding cameras and recording the scene.

This user said that propaganda is the first response of the Chinese government to any crisis, including the floods in Zhengzhou and the pandemic in Wuhan. The target is not to save the Chinese people’s lives but to brainwash them. 

Then, he questioned why the Chinese people should expect honesty and responsibility from the government in dealing with COVID-19. 

Another video on Twitter records a scene of PLA soldiers lying down in rows under the rain but did not know the context. 

The comments from netizens are quite revealing.

Some users said it looked like the Chinese government was making a movie about how the soldiers were fighting so hard against the Zhengzhou floods.  

According to a netizen, the local authorities are not taking pictures of the death toll but exaggerating the disaster relief scene of the soldiers who haven’t rested for days and nights. The video shows they were tired and could only sleep in the rain.

Some claim that the red flag looks electronically planted, like a hologram . Others were surprised that the Chinese government could build a COVID hospital in days but couldn’t make a shelter for soldiers.

Many users say that the raindrops falling on the ground could be computer-generated.

A user joked that the Chinese government uses fire trucks to sprinkle water.

Moreover, another user says that the image had animated effects through software.

Delayed support from the government forced residents to rescue themselves

On July 20 last year, there were devastating floods in and around Zhengzhou, Henan province. 

According to VOA Chinese, this rare flood caused widespread shock and discussion in the Chinese community and even the world.

As of August 2, the death toll had risen to 302, and 50 were missing only in Zhengzhou. 

The widely circulated videos and images that day showed that many victims were lying on the subway platform. People cried for help or rescued themselves, but no professional rescuers were seen on July 20.

At that time, China’s state-owned CCTV news program that night invited guests to discuss the floods in Europe and paid no attention to the victims of Henan. Meanwhile, local TV stations in Henan continued broadcasting the anti-Japanese drama show. 

An internet user said that CCTV did not report the flood in Henan until late night on July 20. Another user said, [quote] “Sad…Sad for the Chinese friends in Henan…” [end quote]

According to Chinese language media outlet Kanzhongguo the Jingguang North Road Tunnel was one of the worst-hit locations. The entire tunnel was flooded, and hundreds of vehicles were submerged.

In another video, a large number of police officers violently disperse people around the Beijing-Guangzhou Tunnel. Family members of the missing victims were there. Netizens angrily pointed out that no one rescued them when they were trapped.

The netizen said that no one rescued the victims. Many commented on the video. According to a user, it fully showed that the national system was only for control. He reminded the Chinese people that they had to save their own life.

On July 23, a person named Huang told the reporter about the evacuation process. He witnessed the flooding of the Jingguang Tunnel in Zhengzhou. He said that he was at the end of the traffic flow. The water was slowly pouring in at the beginning. There was enough time to escape. Huang heard a girl calling for help, so he went back and rescued her.

When floods occur, residents in both urban and rural areas usually need support from the government. The Chinese government has sent rescue teams to the scene in response to recent floods. However, whether the assistance comes from humanity or propaganda remains to be seen.

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