Many countries have chosen to coexist with the virus and open their borders. The Chinese regime, on the other hand, continues to pursue its ‘Zero COVID’ policy. Its stringent epidemic prevention measures caused severe damage to the economy and people’s livelihoods, resulting in Chinese people living with anxiety and fear.

Shanghai, in particular, has been locked down for a long time. This week, the city announced its plans to gradually reopen, and for normal life to resume on June 1.

After the regime’s announcement regarding reopening the city broke, a large number of people tried their best to escape the city of endless lockdowns.

Many chose normal means

A large number of people are seen pouring into Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to leave the city.

However, some people use various unimaginable ways to flee Shanghai

Recently, a video of a young man paddling a hand-made boat attempting to escape Shanghai emerged on the Internet. He added two lifebuoys underneath a bed to prepare for his journey. Unfortunately, he was unsuccessful as some people appeared and confiscated his boat.

The similar case happened a few days ago. The video shows the middle-aged man in a suit rowing with sticks in a simple boat made up of a few pieces of wood and a styrofoam box, trying to flee Shanghai.

Tickets are hard to obtain leading to other creative ways to leave Shanghai

This video shows one of those cases. The man sought a used car and returned home from Shanghai. It’s because he couldn’t grab a ticket.

As shown at the beginning of the footage, the man rode a bike to where the car was for sale.

After purchasing the used car for 8,500 yuan (1,200 dollars), he drove for two days and nights more than 1200 miles to Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province.

Many Shanghai residents are skeptical of the city’s announcement. Many of them have been disappointed in the past by broken promises to lift restrictions. Even now, many places in Shanghai still have not loosened restrictions.

One netizen uploaded a video showing empty streets with blockades in Shanghai. According to the video, many roads are still blocked. Only Pusan ​​Road and Gaoke West Road can be used, and police officers are on duty 24 hours a day.

Still, the Shanghai government’s propaganda campaign continues.

In one video, the regime organized people of Shanghai to shout slogans regarding battling the epidemic for three consecutive days. After that, each will receive a lunch box.

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