On August 19th, the Beijing Medical Insurance Bureau issued a “Notice on Adjusting the Municipal Employee Basic Medical Insurance Policy,” which caused heated discussions. The announcement worried many people. They formed long lines outside the bank to withdraw cash.

The notice clarifies that from September 1st, 2022, the personal account funds will be managed, and the insured cannot freely withdraw them for any use.

After the notice was issued, many people felt bewildered and feared they cannot withdraw their insurance money anymore. As a result, many citizens lined up before the Bank of Beijing to withdraw funds from medical insurance accounts.

In this regard, the bank staff said, “It will take about 40 minutes to an hour. Usually, there are not so many people, but today there are many people, and many customers have come to do business from 9 in the morning.”

A citizen said, “The medical insurance bureau issued a new policy in the morning. It was too sudden. I rushed over at noon to take it out. What if I couldn’t take it out later?”

Someone else said, “I haven’t withdrawn it before. It can be used in case of illness. But today, I suddenly saw the news that after September 1st, I can’t withdraw it, so I want to take the time to get the money out.”

Insurance money is mainly used to pay the medical expenses incurred by insured employees in designated medical institutions or specified retail pharmacies. The personal account funds that have been transferred to the special passbook for medical insurance before September 1st can still be withdrawn and used by insured personnel at any time.

However, after seeing the news, many customers mistakenly thought they could not withdraw the money in their medical insurance account after September, which caused the phenomenon of long queues before the bank.

The official in charge of the Bank of Beijing said, “The funds that have been deposited into the medical deposit book belong to the insured person, and the insured person does not need to worry that the funds in the medical deposit book cannot be withdrawn.”

At the same time, the Bank of Beijing issued a “Letter to Beijing Personal Medical Savings Customers.” It states that after September 1st, the funds in the medical insurance personal account will not be available. It is then transferred to the medical savings account, and the funds that have been moved into the medical savings account can be withdrawn at any time.

A Guangzhou resident told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that his medical insurance card can only be used to see a doctor and buy medicine but cannot be used to withdraw cash.

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