The leftist indoctrination in education carried out by the Chinese communist regime arrived with force in Hong Kong, where university students of legal age denounced that, among other things, they are being forced to attend Chinese flag-raising ceremonies as part of their “academic duties” within the institution. 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) began a new weekly Chinese flag-raising ritual as part of a new Education Bureau ordinance aimed at “promoting national education” and enhancing a sense of “national identity” among students. The event is held at the city’s universities and primary and secondary schools.

Several of the students present at the first ceremony last Tuesday at CUHK assured the Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP)that they had been forced to attend. The university reported that “all members attended the ceremony voluntarily.”

Indoctrination in Chinese education

The Chinese communist regime (CCP) has for decades implemented massive indoctrination in the education of its citizens. By modifying history, idealizing certain characters, and demonizing others, it has managed to “brainwash” millions of people who today respond to its interests.

The influence of communism on education has caused generations of students to have less and less knowledge and capacity to reason.

Through education, atheism, the theory of evolution, and communist ideology have been imposed on students, who are psychologically manipulated to destroy whatever is left of traditional Chinese culture’s beliefs and good values.

The “specter of communism” has succeeded in spreading this form of education even in the most capitalistic Western countries. By stealth, the new manifestations of communism, represented in “progressive” ideas, have crept in. 

In this way, children grow up indoctrinated by lies and without critical thinking capacity. This makes them accept all kinds of ideas that depart from traditional patterns and moral rectitude without even questioning what they are endorsing. 

The Chinese regime is making progress in Hong Kong and also in its education

Hong Kong is a former British colony declared as an autonomous territory in 1997, and this status has allowed it to develop and become one of the most important financial centers in the world. But the CCP, in recent years, has ceased respecting the agreements of “non-intervention,” penetrating more and more into the island’s political, economic, and social affairs.

Especially since the controversial National Security Law imposition in June 2020, the regime has managed to officialize its intervention in the city. Since then, it has not stopped attempting to control and suppress the independent press, political dissent, and all aspects promoting freedom and rejecting communist policies.

Among the regime’s penetration strategies in Hong Kong are a series of regulations to be implemented in public education that seeks to deepen the communist indoctrination of the city’s children, adolescents, and youth.

Carrying out a compulsory attendance ritual of raising the Chinese flag over the Hong Kong flag is one of the measures imposed throughout the education system.

As reported by HKFP, an internal Hong Kong university email asked university principals, deans of graduate schools and faculties, to select a certain number of members of their institutions in a combination of students, staff, and alumni to attend the ceremonies.

The mailing reported that hoisting would be held every Monday morning for the entire academic term, adding that the event is intended to “help students, staff, and alumni develop a sense of belonging to the country, an affection for the Chinese people and enhance their sense of national identity.”

One of the attendees, a Ph.D. student, told HKFP that he thought the ceremony was “meaningless” and “unnecessary,” yet he was there out of obligation.

“Even when I have to stand here and watch them raise the national flag, I will disagree with what I have always disagreed with, and vice versa,” he told the HKFP. He also claimed that his faculty required him to attend the event. “It’s my academic duty…I have to fulfill a certain amount of hours.”

Hong Kong’s Education Bureau also announced last week the implementation of the updated Primary Education Curriculum Guide, through which it seeks to “teach” students to understand their country and Chinese culture while promoting cultivating a sense of belonging and national identity through national education and national security education.

Indoctrination in Hong Kong reaches teachers as well

In June this year, officials of the Chinese regime informed teachers of foreign origin practicing in Hong Kong in public schools that they must submit their “declarations of loyalty to the government and the Basic Law of Hong Kong.” Otherwise, they would be removed from their posts.

“The requirement for non-civil service government staff to sign a declaration is an open acknowledgement of the acceptance and a genuine manifestation of the responsibilities of and expectations on them,” a spokesman for the bureau said.

As early as October 2020, following the imposition of the National Security Law, all civil servants were required to sign a declaration in which they assumed acceptance of the Basic Law and allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region that has, since that time, been ruled absolutely by the Chinese Communist regime.

Now, the requirement was extended to civilian personnel outside the military and public ministries, such as foreign teachers at all levels.

This requirement is added to the generalized purge imposed by the communist regime during those chaotic days of the year 2020 after applying the National Security Law, when thousands of political dissidents of the regime were fired, imprisoned, and repressed both in the educational system and in the media, thus seeking to eliminate any opposing force in this city that once enjoyed autonomy but fell under the mantle of the specter of communism.

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