Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province has implemented strict pandemic measures for the entire area for more than two weeks and the urban village of Chengzhong in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province has been locked down for nearly a month. People are increasingly impatient with the “don’t step out of the house” or “don’t step out of the area” and repeated nucleic acid testing. On the evening of November 14, a protest took place in Chengzhong. A large contingent of police was sent to suppress the protesters. Confrontations between authorities and the people are becoming more and more intense.

In Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, armored police cars appeared. A video posted by netizens shows an armored police car with the logo “Zhuzhou Special Police, and an officer shouting, “Armed patrols are currently being carried out in key areas of Yuetang Street.” The announcement goes on, “Do not go out, do not gather,” and threatening “whoever does not obey orders and violates pandemic prevention regulations will be severely dealt with.”

Tang, a resident of Hetang District, Zhuzhou City, told Sound of Hope (first recording) on ​​November 15, “Our area hasn’t lifted the lockdown, so the shops aren’t open yet. We are still in the controlled area. It’s been two weeks, and everyone is still quarantined at home. I see patrol cars every day, not sure if it’s the armed police or not.”

Huang, a teacher in Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City, has been locked in the school for more than two weeks. He said (second recording), “Every day, students inside the school are allowed to go out into the yard for two hours, that is, take a walk around the school campus. Outsiders can’t enter and insiders can’t leave. We stay and work here 24 hours a day, we can’t go home, the control is very strict, food is delivered to the dormitory.”

Huang said (third recording) that, for going in and out of the dormitory, you must present a pass issued by the work unit. His wife was very upset about being quarantined at home. He said, “It’s very uncomfortable for us to work here, we can’t go out, the dormitory gates, the school gates are closed but there are still guards. The police have locked down this area.”

He believed that there are many people asking to go out to earn a living, and there will certainly be people who will break the lockdown to get out. Now everyone is looking forward to end to the lock down soon.

Videos uploaded by netizens show that on the evening of November 14, group protests took place in several inner-city villages in Haizhu district. The crowd knocked over the quarantine fence and chanted “lift the lockdown.” The government sent a large number of police to suppress the protesters and some people were beaten till their faces were covered in blood.

The CCP adheres to the “zero-COVID” policy and regularly locks down cities, counties, and villages, restricts people’s normal activities and work, causing protests between authorities and the people, and protests against the lockdown order continue, moreover, there is an increasing trend.

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