The epidemic situation in Tianjin has worsened, with some metro stations closing temporarily and numerous areas in Tianjin’s Dongli and Beichen districts under control. Every resident takes COVID tests, and students take online lessons at home.

On May 16, the Tianjin Rail Operation Weibo posted notices that metro line 3 and line 5 will be temporarily closed starting the same day due to the need for epidemic prevention and control. The next day, line 9 also stopped operating.

The unexpected closure has sparked a civil uprising because people expected advance notification instead of a sudden shutdown.

On May 16, after Tianjin’s Municipal Health Commission press conference. The authorities began to sort places into sealed control, control, and prevention areas. Nucleic acid screening is scheduled for all employees in the jurisdiction from May 16 to 18 in Dongli and Beichen districts.

Online teaching will be applied to primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the area for the time being, and residents are not allowed to go out if unnecessary.

The press conference on the same day also said that Tianjin has set up 281 epidemic prevention and control inspection points on the Jinjin Highway passage, and temporary traffic control measures have been implemented.

From February 24 to May 16, Tianjin has reported 623 local confirmed infected cases, and 356 of them are asymptomatic.

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