Comprehensive Lu media reports that at around 10:30 am on August 5, a knife attack on a police officer occurred on the north side of the intersection of Hongxing Street and Yihong Road in Qiaodong District Shijiazhuang City. It is about 100 meters away from the gate of Shijiazhuang Prison. Two deaths and one injury resulted in both being correctional officers in Shijiazhuang Prison.

From the video footage shared on Internet, two officers in police uniforms can be seen to have fallen to the ground. One of them apparently had blood on his side, and the other, in a police uniform, had blood coming out of his neck, and was lying on the ground.

The police report said all the victims were transferred to the hospital, but two couldn’t be rescued and passed away; one was injured.

According to reports, the two dressed in uniform are official police officers of Shijiazhuang Prison.

According to a report issued by the Security Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, the suspect (a male, 50 years old, from Xinji market) has been arrested. The motive for the crime is unknown. The case is under further investigation.

Recently, numerous brutal cases of armed attacks and injuries in mainland China have sparked heated discussions among netizens.

A netizen said, “Why are there more and more incidents of stabbing people?”

Another netizen said: “More and more people are going crazy.”

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