On September 15, the official website of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) said that local meteorological departments are preparing to deal with this year’s 12th strong storm, named Meihua (apricot blossom).

The Bureau of Meteorology’s probabilistic forecast map shows that Typhoon Meihua moved from the southern part of the East China Sea to the coast of Zhejiang, northern Fujian, Shanghai, and Jiangsu but perfectly avoided Taiwan.

According to the CMA, around 20:30 on September 14, Typhoon Meihua made landfall on Putuo, Zhoushan, and Zhejiang coasts. It’s also the 4th storm to make landfall in China this year.

In addition to Typhoon Meihua, a Taiwanese netizen posted images from NHK World-Japan showing that other typhoons have also avoided Taiwan.

In July 2022, a typhoon track compiled by NHK World-Japan showed the predicted path of typhoons for each month of this year. The fantastic thing is that each route avoids Taiwan. Even if it almost encounters Taiwan, the storm will suddenly turn right and move toward Japan and Korea.

The post immediately attracted a large number of netizens; FTV News quoted as follows:

“NHK says there is a Tai wind (Tai wind means storm in Chinese); Tai wind is controlled by Wan Wan (Taiwanese compatriots).

“Central Mountain (implies China): No one dares to challenge,”

“No matter how long the Central (China) slashes Taiwan, it can’t slash the Tai wind (storm).”

FTV News said the photo posted by a social network PTT’s netizen is from the program “Follow expectantly the news” released by NHK in July.

In addition to explaining why typhoons form, the program also explained the issue Japanese people are most concerned about—whether typhoons will make landfall in Japan. The program said that this depends on high pressure in the Pacific Ocean and the direction of the westerly winds.

Aboluowang’s commentator said that the national flower of the Republic of China is Meihua (apricot blossom). Is it a coincidence that something like this happened? Or is there a Divine Will in the dark realm?

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