Unthinkable stories in Shanghai continue to appear during the pandemic lockdown period.

A nursing home in Shanghai recently put a living person in a body bag and asked the funeral home to take it for cremation. The funeral home staff discovered that the old man was still alive in the bag and asked to “return it,” but the nursing home staff tried to convince them to cover the person’s face with the body bag. As a result, they were scolded by the funeral home staff.

On May 1, a video was posted on social media showing that staff at the New Changzheng Welfare Institute in Shanghai treated a living older woman as dead and tried to take her to the funeral home for cremation.

When the funeral home staff pushed the old woman into the hearse, they discovered that the “body” was still “moving,” so they tried to contact the welfare institute. However, the institute staff wanted to close the body bag again, making the funeral home staff angry, and they loudly criticized them.

In the video, the cameraman can also hear the person pushing the body cart who opened the body bag at the nursing home entrance and said, “Alive, look! Still alive!” “Put it down. This is very immoral. It’s irresponsible to let the funeral home’s car come and take it away! Really irresponsible!.”

After negotiating, the nursing home staff pushed the older woman back to the hospital. People who saw this scene could not help but severely criticize saying that they “treat people’s lives like garbage.”

The two phone numbers “56801601, 56561111” on the black body truck in the video are the correct number for the Baoshan District Funeral Home, Shanghai. The video was posted on Weibo on April 30.

Chinese netizens were shocked and said,

  • “There’s too much going on in Shanghai
  • Why didn’t you give first aid immediately when you find that they are still breathing?
  • Shanghai once again changed my outlook on life.
  • Is this supposed to be a resurrection miracle?”

The Shanghai police were called to investigate the matter, but neither the nursing home nor the police responded.

As the case continued to spread online, then on May 2, Sina.com reported that the New Changzheng Welfare Institute and the Department of Internal Affairs of Putuo District had acknowledged, “This is indeed the case,” and said the old woman had been sent to the hospital for treatment, and her vital signs had become stable.

In addition, before this exaggerated incident, the Putuo District Internal Affairs Bureau also said that it had established an investigation team to coordinate with relevant departments. After understanding the situation, the investigators have entered the New Changzheng Welfare Institute and will notify the public.

However, the residents angrily expressed:

  • “Poor Chinese people!
  • It’s so scary!
  • It turns out that the old lady is still healthy …”;
  • This is extremely inhumane behavior! Unbelievable!
  • The life of a mainlander is so cheap!
  • The Chinese Communist Party treats human life like garbage, not afraid of retribution!”

Mr. Tang Hao is a senior media officer and MC of the “World Crossroads” media channel under Chinese Epoch Times. He pointed out on Twitter that the “New Changzheng Welfare Institute (nursing home) in Shanghai has been filmed by the public while trying to treat the living elderly as dead and take them to the funeral home for cremation. Fortunately, the funeral home staff discovered it in time and reprimanded the nursing home. But since this institution dared to treat people’s lives like trash, this is probably not the first time they have done this. Earlier reports said that hundreds of people have died in the Shanghai nursing home, which can be investigated in this direction.”

According to Pudong Funeral Home, on April 1, before any deaths from this outbreak in Shanghai were announced, they received more than 10 bodies from Donghai Nursing Home and another body from Nanhui Funeral Home.

China News also reported that Shanghai was the first city to enter the aging stage (1979) and had the highest aging rate. As of the end of 2020, there are 5.335 million people aged 60 and over in Shanghai. With the rapid spread of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic, this information makes people even more worried about their situation. 

The video of the old lady “alive” but being put in a body bag to be cremated in Shanghai immediately attracted the online community’s attention. Vision Times quoted Bao Shan District Funeral Home on May 2, saying that the nursing home labeled the 75-year-old woman who was almost cremated as a “body” infected with COVID-19. However, the funeral home people found that the “body” had signs of life and immediately called the staff to check. After opening the sealed bag, the staff had made a correct judgment. The Baoshan District Funeral Home also commended two funeral home workers who had found the “living person” and awarded them $750 each.

The incident caused a stir, and the Department of Internal Affairs of Putuo District, Shanghai City, initially wanted to suppress public opinion but could not. Thus on May 2, it lowered its voice to confirm the incident emphasizing that the older woman had been transferred to the hospital and was now normal.

Soon after, China CCTV also reported that the local government had immediately set up an investigation team for the New Changzheng Welfare Institute. The authorities have opened a special case to prosecute key officials of the Putuo District Internal Affairs Bureau, including the Party Secretary, Department Head, Deputy, and senior care specialist. In addition, they dismissed the director of the New Changzheng Welfare Institute. The Putuo District Health and Wellness Committee also revoked the practicing certificate of the doctor surnamed Dian.

However, many people continue to question the event and the Vision Times cited a few comments from the social media platform:

  • “Who decided that the old lady was dead? Where is the problem?
  • If it weren’t for the funeral home staff to prevent this behavior, there would be no more evidence after the cremation, right?
  • This is murder, obviously a criminal case!
  • At least it should be investigated if there is an intentional intent?
  • Is this the only case?
  • Not because of Omicron, but almost dead by the CCP bureaucracy! When will Shanghai’s nightmare end?
  • This kind of thing only happens in China under the CCP.”

The Vision Times, citing public information in China, said that the New Changzheng Welfare Institute in Shanghai is a highly rated nursing home and an institution designated for long-term care with insurance. The Welfare Institute was established in November 1983, covering an area of ​​34,000 sq. feet, with a construction area of ​​35,305 sq. feet and a total investment of $1.5 million, including a 4-story main building, a shopping center, and a gymnastics center for the elderly. The service price per month is from $300 to $450.

In fact, in China, there have been many rumors related to cases being taken for cremation, especially in Shanghai, which was recently hit by the COVID-19 disaster, which led to many unexplained deaths of a large number of older people.

For example, in mid-April of this year, there were rumors that at least 500 older people had died in Shanghai’s Donghai elderly care hospital. Although the Chinese authorities did not respond to this rumor, The Wall Street Journal revealed that at least 20 people had died (with unknown cause) in Donghai Nursing Home in early April.

According to the family of one deceased (82 years old), the institute did not inform the family that the older man was seriously ill and was shocked to learn that he had passed away.

The New York Times in early April also mentioned that two nurses from Dong Hai Nursing Home revealed that the new coronavirus was spreading widely among elderly patients and that people had died every day for the past three days. In addition, two people, who remain anonymous for fear of losing their jobs, said they were asked one night recently to bring a body into a room where there were other bodies.

As Pudong Funeral Home revealed on April 1, since Shanghai has not had any officially announced deaths due to the COVID-19 epidemic, they have received more than a dozen bodies from Dong Dong Hai Nursing Home. Besides, many other bodies were taken to Nanhui Funeral Home.

The unexplained deaths of older people in nursing homes in Shanghai have caused many relatives of the elderly to worry about their plight.

According to data from the Shanghai Bureau of Statistics and data from the 7th China Census, in 2020, China had 38,069 registered elderly care facilities, and the number in the first three quarters of 2021 has increased to 39,292 facilities. The proportion of people over 60 years old in Shanghai ranks second in China.

According to the Chinese online newspaper Tencent, there are about 1,000 nursing homes in Shanghai, mainly in the New Pudong district with 175, the Xu Hui district with 42, the Huangpu district with 80, and the Yangpu district with 75. In addition, Hongkou district has 31, and Jing An district has 11.

According to “Tencent.com,” there are about 1,000 nursing homes in Shanghai, mainly in Pudong New Area, with 175. There are 42 in Xuhui District, 80 in Huangpu District, 75 in Yangpu District, 31 in Hongkou District, and the least in Jing’an District with 11.

The constant closure of Shanghai led to secondary disasters. A few days ago, Ji Xiaolong, a public welfare worker in Shanghai, called for people to organize volunteer relief for those in need and was suddenly taken away by the police on the afternoon of the 30th, causing domestic and foreign concerns according to The Epoch Times.

At noon on April 30, Ji Xiaolong online urged friends living in Minhang and Xuhui districts to collect blankets and mattresses for people sleeping on the street. He said: “There were more than 70 people in the Shanghai South Railway Station subway, among them people who had come to Shanghai from elsewhere and refused by the hotels. Some people had returned from makeshift hospitals but were not allowed to return to their homes (by the residents in their areas).

Half an hour after the appeal was posted, Ji Xiaolong left a message on Twitter saying, “The initial settlement has been completed, the new mattress set will arrive tomorrow and the old mattress set collected in some residential areas will be delivered tonight. There will be hot rice. The government is unreliable, the people help themselves. Self-help is self-government.”

At 3:59 on the 30th, he left a message on Twitter, “The police found me,” and then we did not hear from him again. After Ji Xiaolong was taken away by the police, the public posted an appeal:

  • “Really care about Ji Xiaolong;
  • The Chinese policemen indifferent in uniform are not willing to help others solve problems;
  • Is it because Mr. Ji has served the people in their place, taking their (police) jobs?”

A friend who cares about him told the Epoch Times that at 4 p.m. on April 30, 10 policemen arrived at Ji Xiaolong’s door and took him and his wife away. At 1 a.m. the following day (May 1), the police released his wife.

At 3 p.m. on May 1, the Epoch Times reporter continued to receive news that Ji Xiaolong was waiting for bail and had to pay $150 to go home.

Currently, Mr. Ji Xiaolong is at home.

On May 2, he tweeted: “Hi everyone, I’m fine, thank you for your concern. The police were worried that I was a member of the Shanghai Autonomous Region Self-Rescue Committee, and they launched a smashing operation. They took away two cell phones and a computer, and I couldn’t write. While waiting for the pending trial, they released me and took my ID and passport. The government has spread too many rumors, saying that my word is unverified, but the truth is that it has been verified. It is inevitable that my tweets have inaccuracies, but if only 30% of them are true, their legitimacy will be lost, and they will be rejected by the public.”

The government has proved it is indifferent to the starving people, and Mr. Ji’s words are well-founded.

Several Twitter accounts on May 1 posted videos showing starving Shanghai residents breaking down epidemic prevention barriers and attacking the neighborhood committee. They discovered that the Shanghai Baoshan Neighborhood Committee had received a large quantity of vegetables and supplies but did not distribute them to the people leaving them to rot. Angry people took out each box of rotten vegetables and threw them on the ground.

One netizen said: “I should have rushed out sooner!”

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