The city of Urumqi, Xinjiang, has been locked down for nearly 50 days, and residents’ discontent has surfaced in every direction. Recently, on Chinese social media, a video of a young man and a young woman kneeling in front of a pandemic prevention worker in Urumqi has been widely posted. The man shouted in despair, “I can’t live any longer!” after his residence was locked down. There are also residents living in locked areas who want to go out, but the police won’t allow it, so this female resident angrily said, “There are elderly people above, children below, do you tell me to live like this?”

In a video posted online by RFA, there is a young man wearing a white T-shirt and a young woman holding a small child kneeling in front of many pandemic prevention workers. The man desperately shouted, “I can’t live any longer!” A large number of residents, pandemic prevention staff, and many policemen gathered outside the gate of the residence. Some residents even argued with the anti-pandemic staff, the scene looked very chaotic.

According to RFA’s description of the video, the Wang Jialiang residence was finally unlocked and then some other residences also announced that the lockdown had ended. Many netizens thanked this man and called him a hero.

Vision Times reported that a local netizen with a social media account “winchinaren” said, “Today is the 48th day of the lockdown. In just one night, the Wang Jialiang residence was opened, Wang Jialiang’s kneeling man became a ‘hero.’…The man had to kneel before he fell, the people were all standing on the verge of collapse. The residence has begun to protest … silence and tolerance have no limit, the lockdown order cannot help but end, and the silent sheep will at some point roar in anger!”

Another netizen said, “Benefits must be fought for!”

Another video shows that, in Urumqi residents who have not been allowed to leave their homes for more than a month. A woman shouted at the police surrounding her, “Aren’t you guys serving us. We are the payers of the police. We are your solid support, you must support us! “

The woman questioned the police: “Didn’t (we) always coordinate with your work? It’s been more than 30 days. We haven’t eaten, drank, or gone out for more than 30 days. We have to borrow money for rent, car (payments), and credit card. What about the elderly above and the children below, how do they live? How do you tell me to live? We also have a daughter in college.”

This woman said that she had previously received a call from a government official telling her to fix the problem herself.

According to Vision Times, after watching the video, netizens commented, “You’re wrong. How can the salary [of the police] be distributed by the people, if you want to increase your salary or get promoted, you have to depend on your superiors. People starve to death, they don’t care, it’s their job to flatter their leaders.”

The current outbreak in Urumqi, started in mid-July, and the number of infected people has continued to increase over the past few days. As of 12 a.m. on September 26, Xinjiang has a total of 207 positive cases locally.

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