Joseph Wen, a student in the Department of Music at Soochow University in Taiwan, created a map showing China’s vast network of 1,200 military bases. The map included Army, Navy, AirForce, air defense, core military, government agencies, military academies, and education units that have attracted public attention with 600,000 views. 

According to Wen, “This map is intended to provide military enthusiasts and the public with the use and understanding of China’s military situation and to promote the readers to discuss issues such as security, military affairs, and cross-strait concerns in East Asia. Everyone is welcome.” 

The idea of creating the map came from the Chinese military magazine “Ship Knowledge.” Videos of computer software simulating combat and deductions in the Taiwan Strait; and Chinese military forums analyzing the satellite map intelligence of the Taiwan National Army.

Based on Google My Maps public platform, Wen’s map shows details of military installations. For example, the Dalian Shipyard that built the Shandong Ship, the Jiangnan Shipyard made the 003 Ship (Fujian Ship), and the Hudong that built the helicopter landing ship to the Rocket Army base in Xinyang City. 

On Jun 18, Wang Hao said on Facebook that the Chinese military planes harassed Taiwan every three days, thousands of missiles targeted Taiwan, and threatened to unify Taiwan by force. Joseph Wen collected and sifted through public information and pieced together a map of the Chinese Army’s base. He emphasized that protecting the family and the country is the responsibility of everybody, especially young people. Akio Yaita, director of the Taipei branch of Japan’s “Sankei Shimbun,” highly valued Wen’s work and believes it’s helpful for the public to understand the thread of China better. 

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