An online video showing a strange form of anti-epidemic propaganda appeared on the streets of Xi’an on Aug. 19, 2022. A group of anti-epidemic personnel dressed in Qing Dynasty costumes performed a public parade of ‘non-wearing mask’ prisoners.

Epidemic prevention in Xi’an: Imprisoned for not wearing a mask

China’s 24 hours around channel reported that a COVID-19 outbreak re-emerged in Xi’an city, Shaanxi province. As of Aug. 18, Xi’an has designated 26 high-risk areas and 16 medium-risk areas. Over 15,400 people were locked down, and more than 48,000 people were under static control, a total of nearly 64,000 people.

On Aug. 19, an online video showed a strange form of anti-epidemic propaganda on the streets of Xi’an.

In the video, a group of anti-epidemic personnel dressed in Qing Dynasty costumes paraded “non-wearing mask” criminals on public streets. 

The person leading the parade spoke through a loudspeaker: “The lord has an order. Anyone who does not wear a mask will be imprisoned and publicly paraded in the streets.”

NTDTV quoted netizens mocking: “Everyone is exhausted playing this ridiculous play.”

According to Xian Xincheng, Shaanxi officials said on the 19th that from midnight on Aug. 22, the maximum price of nucleic acid testing in public hospitals is $2.20 (15 yuan)/person/time; and the maximum cost of a multi-person test is $0.44 (3 yuan)/person.

NTDTV quoted some netizens saying, “If testing every 48 hours, it will cost about $15 (100 yuan) a month, what a waste. I really don’t want to do nucleic acid testing again.”

Pingyao County suddenly announced a three-day lockdown

CNS reported that Pingyao County, Shanxi Province, suddenly announced a three-day lockdown on Aug. 20, implementing “static management.” People are not allowed to go out unless necessary.

According to the CCTV News Client report, on Aug. 19, the Pingyao Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group received a report of abnormal nucleic acid results. They immediately announced that from midnight on Aug. 20, the county will implement temporary static management. The expected time is three days and will be adjusted later depending on the epidemic. According to the Chinese regime, “static management” means indoor isolation, only going out when necessary and with the neighborhood committee’s permission, and all residents have to do PCR tests constantly. 

Travel is limited at local train stations, high-speed railway stations, intersections with highways, and traffic control is in place. Excepted are vehicles ensuring supplies, production, stability, or serving epidemic prevention (with a passport). All other vehicles are prohibited from traveling.

All people are to remain silent. In addition, scenic landscapes, hotels, Internet shops, cinemas, and other venues will be temporarily closed; all meetings, performances, and other gatherings are suspended; wedding events are delayed, funerals are brief, and no receptions are allowed. 

According to NTDTV, on the 20th, the news of # Static Management of the entire Pingyao, Shanxi area # appeared on Weibo’s hot search, causing local netizens to question: “Suddenly says static management without announcing anything? What is the reason … why the silence? is there an infection or what … Why static management? Whenever there is an infection, it’s static management … It’s not easy for the people.”

Another said: “Every residential area was forcibly locked down early this morning, we couldn’t go out if we needed to. Static means you are not allowed to move, nor to speak. Yellow code or red code doesn’t mean anything.”

Someone complained: “How many people lost their jobs and how many shops had to close due to the continuous business shutdown? My sister in Canada tested positive twice and recovered after a few days of taking medicine. Is it possible that people only died from COVID but not from hunger?

Urumqi locked down for three days

The outbreak in Urumqi, Xinjiang, has recently caused the city to be locked down. On Aug. 19, the mayor of Urumqi stated at a press conference that the chance of implementing a lockdown to control the local epidemic is relatively high. Therefore, from 8:00 am on Aug. 20, authorities will extend static management measures in Tianshan district, Saybagh district, Shuimogou district, high-tech park (new urban area), and the economic development zone in Toutunhe district and Midong district in Xinjiang for three days.

Local people expressed dissatisfaction with the complete lockdown of the city, with one saying: “There are three questions! First, how are asymptomatic cases screened? Second, nucleic acid testing every week can’t screen all asymptomatic cases, can it? Third, why does accurate epidemic prevention end up as a total lockdown, after all, who spread the epidemic?”

One netizen said: “By the eighth day of epidemic control, the door is already sealed. I can’t even get out to the hallway.”

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