Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China was recently criticized for repeatedly changing his Weibo message after posting. Kong Qingdong, the CCP’s “five cents big brother,” mocked Zhao Lijian for his lack of education.

On the morning of July 18, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted on his Weibo that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs Szijjártó Péter. Some netizens noticed an anomaly on Zhao Lijian’s Weibo account; the information was edited many times.

In his Weibo first post, Zhao said: “China has never been a rival to Europe.” Although this sentence only repeats Mr. Szijjártó Péter’s statement, netizens understand that China’s power cannot compete with Europe, and Zhao Lijian seems to demean his country.

Soon after, Zhao Lijian corrected himself: “China has never been a rival to Europe but a partner.” But it seems that Zhao still finds this sentence inappropriate, so he corrects it to: “China and Europe have never been rivals but have been partners.”

Zhao Lijian’s act of editing many times on Weibo has attracted netizens’ attention and lively discussion. According to the Epoch Times, Chinese internet users said that Zhao Lijian was deliberately “humiliating the nation” and “uneducated,” joking that the last edit, although it made the message less ambiguous, was still wrong about the meaning.

Epoch Times quoted Weibo user “Bùshì guì dūsī” as saying that the two sentences have different meanings. The first meaning is that China has never been inferior to Europe, and the second meaning is China has never been Europe’s enemy. The second sentence does not carry the meaning of the first sentence, only retaining the meaning of the first, but putting China in an aggressive position is inappropriate. The third sentence can be seen as putting China and Europe on par, but the meaning is still ambiguous, leaving the reader wondering if the number one enemy is the United States?

Known as “the CCP’s five cents big brother,” Peking University professor Kong Qingdong mocked Zhao Lijian on Weibo: “do you know how important language is?”.

In addition, netizens also revealed that Zhao Lijian’s Twitter account had been following former Japanese adult film actress Sora Aoi. This incident attracted a lot of criticism from the netizens.

In addition to being ridiculed for his uncultured behavior, Zhao Lijian was recently “slapped in the face” by the South China Morning Post.

The “paper reported that, on July 18, a “fierce debate” took place in Paris over whether to accept Beijing’s invitation. According to reports, Chinese authorities have invited the leaders of France, Germany, Italy, and Spain to meet Xi Jinping in Beijing in November.

The next day, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian replied: “This is fake news.”

However, the “South China Morning Post” newspaper quoted a senior European Union diplomat confirming that Beijing had sent invitations to four European leaders for a visit to China in November. He said: “[Xi] wants, I think, something like a coronation ceremony where the leaders of the world come to Beijing to pay tribute … like Napoleon.”

News commentator Jiang Feng said on the program “Jiang Feng Moment” that the CCP’s invitation has only one purpose, hoping that the visit of EU leaders can attest to the legitimacy of Xi Jinping being re-elected. But when Zhao Lijian sent invitations, he was rejected by European diplomats because they saw the underlying purpose of these invitations.

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