Dandong, Liaoning province, is one of China’s most severely blockaded cities. The city has been closed for two months. However, authorities have yet to announce when they will lift the blockade despite strong protests from the public.

After the arrest of a woman and her father in Dandong with a yellow health code for “assaulting a police officer,” Dandong authorities announced that the city would “restore order,” which triggered public outrage.

According to China Net, on June 21, a video on the Internet showed a woman in Dandong City, Liaoning Province, driving her father to the hospital to get medicine. However, she was stopped because her QR health code was yellow. The woman said the community issued her a certificate and had a nucleic acid test that morning. However, the police said those with a yellow code could not leave. During the argument, police pushed her to the ground, and her father is said to have beaten the policeman.

The Epoch Times reported that the woman said that she would go home if she couldn’t get to the hospital. But police insisted she was unable to leave the scene. While the two sides were arguing, the policeman pushed the woman with his hand.

The Epoch Times quoted a photo taken from Weibo showing that this is a photocopy of a city pass, requiring travelers to present nucleic acid test results within 48 hours. Travel time is from 17:00 to 19:00. This certificate is only valid for the day and in the city.

What about the question about the father hitting the policeman? According to a video posted by a passerby, the father’s hand did not seem to touch the head of the policeman. Still, immediately the policeman fell to the ground, rubbed his head with his hand, and did not forget to turn around and ask his colleague standing behind: “Have you recorded the incident?” After receiving the answer “yes,” the officer immediately stood up and took restraining measures against the woman.

Net Ease cited a photo taken from the Dandong city police announcement on June 22 about the incident, saying that Hao Mouli, 41, and her father, Hao Moucheng, 70, were stopped twice by the police for breaking through the checkpoint. As a result, Hao Mouli was placed in administrative detention for 10 days for obstructing the performance of official duties, and her father was subjected to mandatory criminal measures on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

However, the police did not mention that the woman and her father were going to the hospital for treatment.

Epoch Times reported that some say the police had many ways to deal with the problem, but they did not seem to want to solve it. Instead, they seemed intent on escalating the matter to set up the woman and her father and arrest them.

Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief of the Global Times—the mouthpiece of the Chinese communist party, seems to have seen the truth of this incident and posted on Weibo: “Dandong has been closed and controlled for too long, and the local people have reacted strongly, the father has received more and more sympathy from the online community, now the local police handle this friction, obviously not taking into account public opinions surrounding Dandong’s epidemic prevention and control, therefore, it triggers people’s emotions.”

In addition, the “Time Review” (看度时评 – Time Review) of Chengdu Radio and Television Station commented on Weibo that, after this incident, why have most Netizens sided with the woman and her father? One reason is that the regime’s long-term blockade due to the epidemic and the fact that it prevented people from seeing doctors has caused many tragedies. In addition, for a long time, everyone has criticized the extreme and rigid attitude of the authorities.

Another reason is that Dandong has been locked down for a long time, causing anger and harsh reactions from local people. This incident, of course, provoked more public sentiment.

Since the beginning of this year, all provinces in China have tightened the CCP’s Zero-Covid epidemic prevention policy, and Dandong is a city with a very strict blockade.

Dandong city is located on the northwest bank of the Yalu River in southeast Liaoning province, near the confluence of the Yalu River and the Yellow Sea, located in the center of Northeast Asia. It is the center of the Northeast Asian Economic Circle and the Bohai Economic Circle.

Dandong, with a population of 2.19 million, has been completely closed since the end of April. So far, Dandong has experienced three outbreaks in the past two months, but the source of the spread is still unclear.

A photo taken from Weibo posted by Epoch Times exposed the tragedy caused by the regime’s tightening blockade: “Hello, I hope you can help share this post. As a graduate student for more than a year—as a Dandong resident, I had witnessed first-hand the suffering people have to endure when the city of Dandong was closed for two months. Before the outbreak on April 24, our city stopped the high-speed rail and express delivery because of the epidemic situation in neighboring cities. After the city closed, everyone actively cooperated. But then, many people committed suicide by jumping off buildings, and those who lived alone at home died without being discovered even after more than ten days. I don’t know how many people have died, and not because of the disease. Dandong was closed for 60 days, and 55 nucleic acid tests were performed. Whose pocket did this money go to? During the pandemic on April 24, a company established on April 15 stood to ensure the supply. These uninfected people don’t care how much they earn and how poor the people are.”

Unable to find the source of the virus, Dandong officials have taken increasingly extreme measures, including advising residents to close their windows to prevent the virus from being carried by winds from North Korea. However, this claim raises scientific doubts.

Another photo on Weibo expressed sympathy for the woman and her father in Dandong: “I am from Dandong, my baby is 10 months old, we have been in lockdown for 60 days, my baby has run out of formula milk. We need essentials! I don’t want to be a hero anymore! We just wanted to get back to our normal lives. For 60 days, we had to go through so many spooky things every day. But no one cares about us! We wonder if the country will forget us—will abandon us because this is a border city! As citizens, what have we done wrong? We just want to get back to our normal lives—to see a doctor, to get back to work. Is what we’re asking for nonsense? As a Dandong resident, I really understand what this woman did (meaning the woman in the incident where she and her father were arrested by the police!). Because it’s really not that easy to get a certificate, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take her father to the hospital! The blockade order is still ongoing. There is no hope at all. As a Dandong resident, I really want to buy milk! My child’s vaccination schedule is due to expire at the end of this month, but has not yet been vaccinated. Your baby’s immune system isn’t fully developed yet! And in this environment! Even powdered milk matters! Every day is especially stressful, and as a resident, I really understand what this woman does. It’s really not easy to get a test certificate!..I don’t know when these temporary difficult days will pass.”

Wang Yong (pseudonym), a resident of the new district of Dandong, told the Epoch Times that, due to the lockdown, some citizens in Dandong did not go to work for three months, but they still had to pay their debts, mortgages, and car loans to continue work and production. In addition, he said that for more than 20 days, his children had not had fruit to eat.

He said, since imposing the blockade order on April 25 until now, all express delivery shops in Dandong have closed. He did not know how many times he had to take nucleic acid tests, and now those who are positive do not know where the source of the disease is. If any community protests, the blockade order will be lifted for 2 hours, and then the community will continue to be blocked.

According to the authorities strict epidemic prevention measures, Chinese users have posted videos and messages on the Internet showing that protests have broken out in some communities in Dandong, demanding the removal of the blockade order.

In one video, residents unfurled banners and chanted slogans demanding “cancel the nucleic acid test and resume work, and resume production.” A screenshot of the comment also reveals the predicament of the Dandong people under the prolonged blockade and the dark veil of Chinese officials.

The photo reads: “Hello Mr. Du, I want to send you these words. I am from Dandong city, Liaoning province. Although you may not see my normal words, I can only rely on many people who have not been controlled since the epidemic outbreak. Dandong has remained under strict lockdown ever since. Strictly controlled, unfortunate things happened, to the point that countless Dandong people were speaking out on Douyin (the Chinese version of Tiktok), but all were blocked.

“Too much public information now says that government officials take advantage of the epidemic to make a lot of money. It is a mistake to think that all the officials protecting the Chinese underground will help the people89 and the Tangshan incident will not end, so if we have people like this in Dandong, our Chinese dream will sooner or later become a pipe dream.”

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