On Aug. 6, the Shaanxi Police Department said that from Aug. 2 to 3, the Police Department in Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, held a “Protecting the 20th Congress, Loyalty and Safety” drill at the police’s special police training base.

A video of the actual drill has gone viral. The video shows the special police equipped with different weapons to maintain the peace. Netizens exclaimed, “Are there so many people who oppose the 20th Congress? Who are the opposing forces?”

In fact, to “ensure loyalty to and safety of the 20th National Congress” has been a political mission assigned from top to bottom by the CCP’s Political and Legal Affairs Committee. Law enforcement agencies all over China are conducting related drills or training exercises. 

The following is a report from the official CCP media:

– On Jan. 17, Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi emphasized at the Conference of the General Director of the General Department of Public Security that “loyalty protects the safety of the new journey,” create a safe and stable environment for the 20th National Congress of the CCP.

– On Aug. 4, Tongren Prison, in Guizhou was closed to train police officers to carry out stability maintenance and conduct security warning education, and increase political responsibility of the police force to “ensure the loyalty to and safety of the 20th National Congress.”

– On July 31, Anshun City Economic and Technological Development Zone of Guizhou Province held a conference pledging to “ensure the loyalty to and safety of the 20th National Congress” to maintain stability.

– On June 29, the Police Department of Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province held a launching and commendation ceremony to “Welcome the 20th National Congress, and ensure loyalty and absolute safety.”

The video posted by Twitter user @TragedyInChina shows that Weinan special police used a variety of weapons to conduct drills. Sound of Hope quoted netizens saying that, it is creepy to see. These scenes all appeared when the Special Weapons And Tactics SWAT suppressed unarmed protesters, the violent manner is even the same.

For example, if a person is knocked to the ground, a group of armed police will surround that person, violently punch and kick them. Another netizen said that it is rare to see special police round up and suppress terrorists, but mostly dealing with ordinary people.

In addition, recent events also show that the CCP authorities sent special police to suppress protesters:

On Aug. 8, defenders of collective property rights in Wuxi city protested for rights, because the second phase of the construction project undertaken by the Shimao group should have been delivered at the end of Dec. 22, 2021, but so far the construction has been suspended for over half a year. Authorities sent special police to suppress people, knowing in advance that people would be injured, they called an ambulance to the scene, so that they could be taken to the hospital.

User @wuwenhang posted a video showing a large number of armed police at the scene, many injured. There was a young man who fainted, and a girl who was surrounded by a group of police and forcefully carried to a car.

From the end of June to the first 10 days of July, hundreds of victims of Henan bank depositors situation from all over the country gathered in Zhengzhou, Henan Province to protest. The city government sent many special police to suppress the protesters.

Netizens @TJun1998 posted a video on July 9, showing a lot of vehicles with SWAT special police on the street, with the line: “Special police directly arrest people to maintain stability.”

In mid-June, merchants at the Qipu Lu clothing wholesale market in Shanghai took to the streets to protest, resulting in a large number of special police being dispatched by the government to “maintain the stability.” The video posted by the @zhanglifan account showed that many police officers gathered to coerce a young man. They are just traders who want to claim their rights.

In mid-June, the Yantai development zone in Shandong reduced teacher salaries to levels less than a decade ago. Teachers went on strike in protest, resulting in crowds of special police on the scene to again maintain stability.

In the short video of netizens @clay09903793, it can be seen in the distance, a long line of armed police swarmed through.

Before the above incidents, Sound Of Hope quoted some netizens saying:

The number of times these guys bully civilians to maintain stability is certainly far greater than the number of times they fight criminals.”

“It doesn’t seem unreasonable that the cost of maintaining stability outweighs the cost of the military.”

“The average value of the personal equipment of PLA soldiers is 8,000 yuan (nearly $1,200), while that of special police officers is 300,000 yuan (nearly $45,000). The so-called sharp sword must rely on good metal, obviously the blade is pointing inward.”

“The guiding ideology is that stopping the people is the same as stopping terrorism. How does a government like this serve the people?”

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