Award-winning U.S. investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson is currently pursuing a case against the administration of former President Barack Obama after being the victim of a surveillance operation led by former prosecutor Rod Rosenstein.

Attkisson had filed a lawsuit in 2015 mainly for violation of civil liberties, but it was eventually dismissed, according to The Hill.

Since then, new information has come to light about the people who were involved in spying on her computers and phones, and a former federal agent recently revealed that he was involved in the case, also revealing that the operation was led by Rosenstein.

It all began in 2009 when the Obama administration prosecuted FBI contractor Shammai Leibowitz after he leaked documents to the media exposing some of the intelligence agency’s abuses, she said on her website.

Leibowitz’s reasons for releasing the information were that he disagreed with the FBI’s practices, which he referred to as an “abuse of power and a violation of the law.”

More leaks about the government followed, such as the one reported by Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, who, supported by classified information from WikiLeaks, revealed that the United States was widely spying on the United Nations, according to the journalist’s website.

By 2010, the Obama administration had secretly opened an investigation against Fox News reporter James Rosen in an attempt to spy on his Google email.

As Attkinsson points out on her website, then-National Security Adviser John Brennan was in charge of tracking down several investigative journalists who were obtaining information about the Obama administration’s irregularities.

In early 2011, after receiving anonymous information, Attkisson—then a correspondent for CBS News—began an investigation into the death of border patrol officer Brian Terry, who was killed by illegal aliens who obtained weapons after an arms-trafficking operation.

The operation, known as a “shoot-out” and dubbed “Quick and Furious,” allowed Mexican drug cartels to secretly receive weapons from the Justice Department, which led to Attkisson being monitored by the intelligence agency from 2011 to 2014, he said.

In a new lawsuit filed last week on her behalf and that of her family in federal court in Maryland, she said she and other affected plaintiffs obtained details about key people involved in the spying in August 2019.

“We have just filed a brand new complaint, which I hope satisfies one of the problems that the judge has, which is that we have not been able to name the names of the government agents involved in the intrusion,” she said in a video posted last Thursday on YouTube.

“We have done some detective work and I have five names to present to the court, who according to my information were directly involved in spying on my computers. One of them is Rod Rosenstein, then U.S. attorney in Baltimore, a former DOJ official. There are other names,” Attkinsson added.

Attkisson went so far as to file a similar lawsuit in federal court in Virginia. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit again dismissed the lawsuit last year.

Among the names on the indictment is former prosecutor Rosenstein, who worked primarily in the George W. Bush administration as well as the Obama administration, plus two years as an assistant attorney general in the Donald Trump administration, according to The Hill.

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