Recently, the article titled “The newly appointed Minister of Education of China suddenly spoke: The ruler must be returned to teachers!” was spread on the internet, causing heated discussions among netizens. Experts say that the Chinese Communist Party does not really want to restore traditional culture, but to strengthen its power in the field of education it will turn to a more violent form education.

The article claims, 99% of teachers today are afraid of hitting students. Instead of waiting for the children to be beaten to death by society in the future, it is better to teach them to be respectful right from a very young age. Respect is understood as respecting traditional cultural values, respecting the normal society behavior rules, and respecting the principles of how human beings should treat one another.  

Reporters discovered that this article first appeared in February on the education bureau website of Xinzhou city. In 2021, the CCP’s Xinhua News Agency published a number of articles promoting the “return of rulers to teachers” and advocating for teachers’ “right to punish.”

Public opinion is concerned about violent education, though there are also people who think that strictness is necessary but needs to be accompanied by love

The Epoch Times has compiled a number of people’s comments on this issue. Some say that one of the negative effects of family planning is creating a large number of families with only one child, which explains no one dares touch the baby at home. There are also netizens who disagree with bringing back corporal punishment to the classroom. The comments question the need of corporal punishment to educate children. Teachers need to find a way to reach the young and teach them properly. One netizen said, “There are many educational methods, exercising methods of violence and verbally abusing should be the last resort.”

Another said that he has experience as a classroom teacher. He advocates communicating with children, teaching them morals, and solving problems together, sharing responsibilities and helping them improve. He said, “I have seen too many children grow up always being beaten and scolded by their parents. They tend to be more rebellious during their teenage years. Children when they are younger are not able to resist, but in adulthood it will get worse, either changing into a person who doesn’t talk about morality, or turning into a child who doesn’t want to communicate with his parents anymore!”

A middle school teacher in mainland China told The Epoch Times reporters that children today are under a lot of pressure in school, and there are some students who have rebelled and taken extreme actions as a result of their emotional instability. Some teachers are so afraid that they let go of their responsibility to manage such students. Parents now have a sense of protecting their children’s rights, which is why teachers dare not punish students.

Teacher Lu has taught at primary schools in mainland China for many years, said that it is right for teachers to use a ruler to punish children, but it is only a form of punishment, so that children can learn the difference between right and wrong. It is difficult for today’s children to distinguish good from bad, and it is not easy to manage them, and some measures need to be taken. Teachers, who are accountable for imparting knowledge to dispel the doubts of children, should teach morality, how to distinguish right from wrong, or in other words, how to be human.

At that time there were nearly 40 male students in Lu’s class and she had beaten almost every one of them. But she also loves children very much. Some of the children have divorced parents and no one is looking after them, so she takes care of them. She took more than 20 children home and made dumplings with them. The children grow up and at 30 or 40 years old, still remember eating dumplings at the teacher’s house.

She said, “Teenage children’s development depends on the teacher, when you hit too hard some kids hate the teacher, but normally they know that (you do it) for their own good.”

But she also said that she doesn’t hit the children anymore. The ministry banned corporal punishment and now teachers are “off the hook” and not responsible for students’ development.

Lu said, “There was a teacher who scolded a child, the parents sued the Ministry of Education, that teacher was almost fired and was transferred from teaching class to doing logistics.”

​​​​​​​​Expert said: CCP education is a tool for brainwashing

From March 1, 2021, the “Primary and Secondary Education Punishment Rule (Beta version)” will go into effect, specifying that punishment can be given if necessary. Accordingly, Discipline may be dealt out for acts of disobedience, disorderly conduct, wrongdoing, danger, infringing upon the rights and interests of others, or other acts that violate the school rules and regulations.

Educational discipline includes criticism, admonishing the student, and class suspension.

Punishment regulations prohibit corporal punishment that directly causes physical pain including beatings or stabbing.

In fact, there are videos and news reports showing child abuse—teachers beating students in mainland schools. The CCP’s move has raised concerns among educators, “Will teachers use virtue to regulate children? If it is used to attack and retaliate against children with self-righteousness, it’s going to be worse.”

Li Yuanhua, a former professor at Capital Normal University, said that the CCP took advantage of the reform movement to seize power and destroy traditional culture. During the Cultural Revolution, intellectuals were trampled, and students were encouraged to oppose their teachers. The CCP’s current call to return the ruler to the classroom is to promote a form of education that follows the CCP’s violent authoritarian culture. It’s not really about restoring traditional culture.

Li believes that the CCP’s education has failed. The main reason is that education is just a tool for brainwashing, and the people are brainwashed from childhood to absolutely obey the tyranny of the CCP. When the CCP says that teachers should take back the ruler, it is actually bringing its violent tyranny into the field of education.

He pointed out that under the CCP, children are not educated in moral disciplines or guided to develop a healthy manner intellectually. In a nutshell, they are not taught to be human. The CCP just wants children to submit to tyranny, authoritarianism, or instill in children certain values ​​that are inconsistent with the universal values ​​of the world.

For example, instilling in children a mentality of “wolf warriors” (the word used to describe China’s aggressive diplomats when they go on an international mission) where they are taught not to care or treat other people or nations with goodwill and in a civilized manner. Moreover, the CCP conveys the philosophy of struggle to children from the time they are young. They also promote atheism, which is the biggest harm to children.

If you are indoctrinating your children with the wrong or unrighteous elements, or if you cannot treat them equally, then it is not right to give back the ruler to the teachers. Li said, “The CCP’s education is inherently coercive. On one hand, they brainwash their people, on the other hand, you want them to obey this kind of coercive order, regardless right or wrong, which is completely against human nature.”

He added that the traditional meaning of education with the rod is all about a serious awareness of education. Now, the CCP once again suggests education with a ruler. Perhaps the CCP has seen the consequence of overindulgence with an only child for a long time. Parent’s overprotect their only child resulting in teachers being discouraged from governing young children. Or it could be that the parents of an only child bribe the teacher, which caused such a distorted phenomenon. And if this distortion is not dealt with at the root, the teacher will select children to be educated with a ruler. He pointed out, “The CCP has always suppressed tradition and it is afraid of traditional culture, which is why it launched anti-rightist movements, the Cultural Revolution, and other political movements that directly damage traditional Chinese culture. The so-called return of the ruler to teachers is tantamount to consolidating the CCP’s power in the field of education. Or in this current internet era, the CCP feels that controlling others (by normal brainwashing education) is no longer effective, then it will want to use even more severe measures to control people.”

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