On August 25, the Chinese women’s volleyball team met the weaker Iranian team at the 2022 Asian Cup in the Philippines. In the first set the Chinese team was nothing special, all the players wore masks, and lost the first match. In the face of criticism and doubts, the Volleyball Association responded apologizing.

Unlike previous matches, the Chinese team in the first match wore N95 masks, while the Iranian team did not. It is worth noting that the Chinese team did not wear masks when playing against South Korea, Vietnam, or Philippines.

According to Sohu, in the first matchup, the Chinese team made many mistakes, and were 12 points behind, eventually losing the first set with a score of 24 -26. In the second match, the Chinese players gradually adapted after removing their masks, and finally held a draw with the score 25-19. In the third set, the Chinese team added a 25-10 victory. By this time, the Chinese team has advanced to the quarterfinals and will meet the Australian team.

For this match, Chinese domestic media reported with the headline “Stupid! All Chinese women’s volleyball players in the Asian Cup match wore N95 masks.”

In high-intensity competitive sports, wearing a mask is definitely against the rules of movement and is not conducive to regulating the athlete’s breathing and heart rate.

Netizens: Are we becoming an international joke?

“All members of the Chinese women’s volleyball team wear masks when playing” became a topic of discussion among mainland netizens, causing a stir on Chinese social networks. On Weibo, the topic has been read more than 59.32 million times, The Epoch Times reported.

The newspaper also compiled some comments from Chinese people. Someone defended the team and said: “The U.S. women’s volleyball team last year also wore masks.” Another netizen reacted: “Last year, the whole world was devastated by the pandemic, but this year, only two strange countries in the world closed their countries – China and North Korea.”

Many netizens expressed anger, saying that because of the country’s zero COVID policy, it sacrificed the players’ health.

Another said: “Is health more important or competition performance more important? If you value achievements, then don’t do this, it will become an international joke, normal people wearing masks when climbing stairs can’t even breathe. In such a fierce competition, you ask to wear a mask? You’re suffocating them! Who came up with this stupid idea, what the hell?”

Someone pressed: “How long will this so-called epidemic prevention farce go on? Will we become the laughing stock of all other countries?”

The CCP’s anti-epidemic policy extends to other countries

Currently, China is still implementing extreme pandemic prevention policies. In addition to the health code and nucleic acid test, wearing a mask is a mandatory requirement for some urban residents to enter and exit public places “legally.” If they violate the policy, they will be fined or even be in administrative detention. At foreign airports, pandemic prevention measures “used” by Chinese people always attract the attention of the outside world.

However, the authorities are now easing the pandemic prevention policy abroad. The General Administration of Customs of China on August 25 announced that as of August 31, immigration officers do not need to declare nucleic acid test (PCR) information, previous infections, and date vaccinations.

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