As Reuters reported, preliminary results of Italy’s general election on September 25 show a right-wing coalition led by the Brothers of Italy party won with a majority of the vote. Giorgia Meloni, the party’s leader, will become the country’s first woman prime minister. The CCP is very angry with this result, and why is that?

Some media outlets call the Brothers of Italy a far-right party, while Meloni says the party is mainstream conservative similar to the British Conservative Party or the U.S. Republican Party. If nothing changes, Meloni will lead Italy’s 68th government. However, the CCP immediately issued a “warning,” even before the new Italian government is formed.

The Chinese Embassy in Italy said in a statement that China had noticed “several negative remarks regarding Taiwan” and expressed “strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition” to the remarks.

The Brothers of Italy Party is very close to Taiwan and has a clear stance on the CCP’s centralized regime. According to The Epoch Times, Meloni had called for Italian athletes to boycott the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She also said not long ago that the EU should put pressure on the CCP to avoid conflicts in the Taiwan Strait, and said she would re-examine the “Belt and Road” project between China and Italy.

‘Taiwan will become an important concern for Italy’

Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) published an exclusive interview with Meloni on September 23. She expressed her support for Taiwan and criticized the CCP’s global aggression and its influence on Italy and the EU.

Meloni said that if the center-right coalition came to power, “There is no doubt that Taiwan will be an important concern for Italy.” She described the relationship between Italy and Taiwan as a “sincere friendship” and said she would “not hesitate to keep a close eye” on the CCP’s civilian attacks and military threats against Taiwan.

Meloni said about recent tensions over the Taiwan Strait, “Beijing’s behavior is unacceptable, and we, along with all democracies in the free world, strongly condemn this action.”

Meloni, who has chaired the European Conservative and Reformists Party (ECR) in the European Parliament since 2020, said the EU must “deploy all its political and diplomatic weapons as per its plan” and “create as much pressure as possible” to prevent Chinese regime from causing any military conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

Meloni said that Taiwan is a strategic trade partner for Italy and Europe. She said, “Don’t forget that the EU is also China’s main export market, and if they decide to attack Taiwan, the EU can close (the market).”

Joining the Belt and Road was ‘a big mistake’

In 2019, Italy became the only G-7 country to sign on to China’s “Belt and Road” initiative (BRI), but when asked by Taiwan’s Central News Agency if it would renew the memorandum of understanding, Meloni said that Italy joining the “Belt and Road” initiative was “a big mistake.”

She listed events since the signing, such as the CCP’s crackdown on activists in Hong Kong, discrimination against Uyghurs and other minorities, and unclear stance about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and repeated threats of force against Taiwan.

“If I renew the memorandum tomorrow morning, I hardly see any political conditions (to do so),” she said.

Melloni said her government would work to ensure that the EU’s “global gateway” – a project to boost global infrastructure between 2021 and 2027 – would help countries feel that they have other options than to accept “Chinese intrusion.”

She also said the new government’s top priorities include countering Chinese and Russian influence in the Western Balkans and parts of Africa, the Indo-Pacific and Latin America, including Italy defending its sovereignty “militarily, in the field of cyber security and freedom of information to deter Russian and Chinese interference attempts.”

She also said that if she takes power in the future, she would promote a new round of closer cooperation with Taiwan in areas including cultural exchange, tourism, public health crisis prevention, and management copper, scientific research and Taiwan’s leading global key semiconductor industry. Meloni said, “These are just some of the areas I want to explore.”

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