Senior CCP officials have not appeared in public for nearly two weeks. The headline of the People’s Daily on August 12 is reinforcing food security. Chinese leader Xi Jinping and some members of the CCP Standing Committee continue to hide. This means that this year’s Beidaihe conclave may have been longer than in previous years. During this sensitive time, Sound of Hope said there were signs that Xi had been stabbed in the back twice.

Beidaihe is the place where the top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party exchange political interests, and it is the most important secret meeting before the 20th National Congress.

During his vacation in Beidaihe this year, Xi encountered many problems. One of the biggest challenges has been U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, and now five U.S. congressmen have visited the island nation. The CCP launched military exercises to blockade Taiwan, threatening the United States and Taiwan. But a Wall Street Journal report on August 11 revealed something that Xi probably wanted to keep hidden.

It said that, as early as four days before Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, when Xi had a phone call with U.S. President Joe Biden, he made it clear that the CCP did not want to go to war with the United States.

Although Xi warned Biden that if Pelosi visited Taiwan, the consequences would be unpredictable, he also said that now is not the time for a full-blown crisis between the U.S. and China.

The CCP’s military exercises are only for the Chinese people to see. In fact, long before Pelosi left Taiwan, Xi and Biden decided there would be no conflict.

It is worth noting that the Wall Street Journal said that the information was disclosed by “people who understand the decision-making process of the Chinese government.” The person who spread the information came from a high level in the CCP. This person had betrayed Xi Jinping. This was the first stab in Xi’s back.

The source also told The Wall Street Journal that, after Pelosi left Taiwan, the CCP responded with large-scale military exercises because Chinese leaders wanted to appear strong without irritating the United States and its allies. In other words, military exercises are just for show.

Kyodo News was also tipped off by the source, which is considered Xi’s second stab wound.

Kyodo News quoted a source as saying that during the CCP’s drills threatening Taiwan, five missiles that fell into Japan’s exclusive economic zone were ordered by Xi himself.

The article said the Chinese military had submitted two exercise plans to Xi, one to target Japan’s exclusive economic zone while the other one suggested not to target these zones so as not to damage the relationship between China and Japan. Xi ended up choosing option one – targeting Japan’s exclusive economic zone as he wanted to warn the Japanese government not to interfere in the Taiwan Strait.

The negative effects of the CCP exercises have gradually been revealed, and the disclosed information pointed to Xi alone.

Undisclosed purpose of recent PLA military exercises

Upmedia published an article written by Qiu Peifen on August 11, claiming that the real purpose of the CCP’s military exercises from 6 to 15 /8 was not aimed at Japan.

The article quoted relevant departments in Taiwan that said that based on where and how the drills took place, it was like the Chinese military was guarding the Qinhuangdao area, where the Beidaihe Conclave was taking place.

A similar was also taken during the Beidaihe conference before the 19th CCP Congress in 2017. The three main fleets of the Chinese navy also conducted large-scale live-fire drills in the area. And during the 19th National Congress, infighting was also fierce. Xi pledged to stop the anti-corruption campaign, and in return, the Jiang Zemin faction would support him in amending the constitution. We can also see the power exchange between Xi and the anti-Xi faction. This year’s Beidaihe meeting will clearly not be any more peaceful than it was five years ago, according to Sound Of Hope.

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