Chinese children are taught this way

A video shows pupils in school uniform lined up along the hallway. They are focusing on memorizing lessons through rote learning. Each is holding a textbook, trying to read aloud the lesson’s content. It is unknown if this learning method works, but it seems like chaos since too many voices can be heard simultaneously. 

A netizen says he learned similarly many years ago and recited it all by shouting with intense feelings at that time.

Another comment is that what a painful experience it is.

Some comment it is easy to understand why China cannot produce MANY scientists who win the Nobel Prize. 

Life-threatening manhole cover

A group of people are checking the quality of a manhole cover. These covers are designed to prevent anyone or anything from falling into the hole, which can put their lives in danger. However, after a young man slams the lid with his bare hands, the manhole cover easily breaks into pieces. These covers cannot guarantee the safety of people. The video uploader comments   

“Give me back the key”

The police stop a woman riding an e-bike without apparent reason. The police officer took her bicycle key and asked her to go to the station to address the problem. The incident takes place on the road in Xiamen (厦门 Xiàmén) city, Fujian (福建 Fújiàn) province. The woman is stressed and cries, asking for her key back. She had to pick up her son at 10:30. Another three or four-month-old baby is at home, waiting for her to return.

The police say that she must not be so emotional.

She replies that how can she not be emotional when faced with this trouble.

Despite crying and talking about her situation, the police constantly ask the woman to think of another way to solve the problem. They don’t return the key to her.

China’s smart city surveillance camera

Imagine living in an education system with the above learning method. Or, perhaps you risk your life on the street full of poor-quality manhole covers. Or no one cares how many children you have or what family burden you are responsible for; police take your bike key away, preventing you from returning home.

And now, try to imagine another scene. Every time you leave your house, your identity will be shown on the screen. Chinese smart city monitoring systems can recognize faces, lanes, and vehicles on the streets and scan people’s faces, even if they are wearing masks or helmets.

Spring gives water every 10 minutes

Sometimes nature can bring you more pleasant feelings instead of just watching or enduring those social problems mentioned above. Watch this to see the beauty and wonder of nature. This water hole is located in Guangyuan (广元 Guǎngyuán) city, Sichuan (四川 Sìchuān) province, and it fills with water every 10 minutes to join the flow of a nearby river. Just another reminder of how wonderful nature is.

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