The independent journalism network Project Veritas, which has been documenting the case of Richard Hopkins, a former Pennsylvania Postal Service worker and whistleblower, has released a video in which federal agents threaten Hopkins if he does not retract his statements.

Hopkins’s case gained prominence after he disclosed to James O’Keefe, founder director of Project Veritas, that he received orders from his supervisor to reschedule the ballots received one day after the Nov. 3 election so they could be counted as valid votes.

According to Pennsylvania election regulations, only mail-in ballots that arrive by 8:00 p.m. on Nov. 3 are valid.

Democrats were the main supporters of implementing the vote by mail system, arguing the social distancing due to the CCP Virus crisis (coronavirus).

In the recording provided by Project Veritas, you can hear how a federal agent, Russell Strasser, tries to persuade him to retract his statements by assuring that senators and other actors such as the Department of Justice are involved.

The federal official lets him know that if Hopkins does not cooperate with his demands, he could face pressure to “make his mind a little bit clearer.”

Strasser warns Hopkins—”I’m not scaring you—but I’m scaring you.”

Hopkins lets Strasser know that President Trump’s legal team has already tried to contact him.

Hopkins said in the recently released video that he never gave in to the intimidation.

Project Veritas said it has more footage of agents trying to intimidate him, and will soon release it, and acknowledged Hopkins’s determination.

Through his Twitter account, O’ Keefe assures, “The recordings are explosive evidence of retaliation that ‘scares’ him.”

Hopkins also sought a way to contact the Washington Post to discuss a story they published, claiming he had retracted his statements but was ignored.

The whistleblower also claimed that he lost his job through a letter of termination after his supervisors reviewed the video of his interview with Project Veritas. 

His superiors also reportedly began to mention various problems they had with him in the past.

To maintain his financial income, Hopkins opened a GoFundMe account to raise $50,000, which he soon surpassed, only to have his campaign blocked by the fundraising platform.

President Trump praised, via his Twitter account Hopkins’s determination to maintain his statements on electoral fraud irregularities, assuring that he was “a brave patriot.”

“More & more people are stepping forward to expose this Rigged Election!” Trump wrote.

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