A new Florida state bill would allow public school classrooms to be audio and video recorded so that parents can have access to note possible “incidents” occurring in classrooms, WFLA reported Sunday, Jan. 2.

HB 1055, a bill introduced in the Florida Senate by Rep. Bob Rommel (R-Naples) for consideration during the 2022 legislative session, which will begin Jan. 11, would require teachers to wear a microphone. The cameras must be placed at the front of the room and monitor all areas except a restroom or other areas used for changing.

The recordings would be in charge of school administrators. They can only be kept for three months or until the end of any investigation conducted into an event after which the videos must be deleted. 

“The cameras cannot be live-streamed or continually monitored, and videos cannot be used for teacher evaluations,” the WFLA report said, also specifying that parents, students, and teachers must be informed before cameras are installed in the classroom.

If the cameras capture a classroom incident, the bill would allow parents to request images to view what happened, provided it shows abuse or neglect of a student, whether by a teacher, a member of the institution, or another student. However, the identity of any students not directly involved in the incident must be obscured by a blur filter.

The bill would require all school districts to complete and vote on whether to implement classroom cameras by Jan. 1, 2023.

A similar Senate bill introduced in December, SB 1300, seeks to require all school board meetings in Florida to be recorded and streamed live on a publicly available website.

These implementations have to do with Florida’s public schools having become a focus of controversy and disagreement among the education community over issues involving pandemic management and curricula that promotes progressive doctrine to students, such as Critical Race Theory (CRT). 

Regarding the latter, Gov. Desantis promised in December to crack down on Marxist ideology, which urges children to see everything through the lens of race, Breitbart noted.

“It needs to be taught in a fact-based way. Not an ideological-based way, and if we have to play whack-a-mole all over this state, stopping this Critical Race Theory, we will do it,” he vowed.

In July, Mark Levin, author of American Marxism recommended implementing cameras in classrooms so parents can monitor what is taught in classrooms. He said, “The vast majority people in this country would never have heard of critical race theory but for the pandemic.” Parents witnessing their children’s virtual classes during the COVID shutdowns discovered that their children were being indoctrinated in many cases.

“I figure if courtrooms and cops can have [cameras], union members with the NEA [National Education Association] and the AFT [American Federation of Teachers] should have them in the classroom,” he opined. 

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