A Georgia residential development suffered a major blast that injured multiple people on Sept. 12.

Emergency responders confirmed an explosion struck the Arrive Perimeter apartment complex at about 1:24 p.m. near Dunwoody, about 16 miles north of downtown Atlanta.

At least four residents were injured and many more trapped after “half of the building” blew up. One individual was treated for a burn injury while another was diagnosed with a broken leg at a nearby hospital emergency room.

Dunwoody Police Department officers encountered heavy gas fumes at the property. They counted between 15 to 20 affected apartments at the three-story structure.

“It fairly well blew the building to pieces,” Dunwoody Police said according to WSB-TV 2.

Dunwoody Deputy Fire Chief Melvin Carter confirmed first responders used thermal camera imaging from drones to check the structure for survivors. At least 75 firemen and technical rescue squads attended the scene.

“Right now we are still searching a building, we had a lot of structural damage and structural instability to the building,” Carter stated according to the ABC News.

DeKalb Fire Department revealed the last two unaccounted residents have been found and are safe.

Truck driver Eboni Thornton witnessed the explosion and was shocked to see the extent of the building’s damage.

“The leasing office was collapsed on the left side, the double doors were blown out, and I could hear a lady screaming her head off,” she said according to WSB-TV 2.

She also spotted people staggering and bleeding after being freed from the debris.

A leasing manager from the impacted property notified Atlanta Gas Light about a supposed gas order before the blast occurred. Exactly what caused the explosion is still being investigated.

Nearby structures were also damaged, with a massive fracture discovered in the roof and extensive damage to one side of the building.

The utilities company confirmed natural gas supply has been temporarily cut to impacted buildings. No other disruptions have been reported.

All routes leading to and from the building have been closed and anyone residing at the complex, who was unaffected by the blast, is asked to stay at home.

“The entire building received some sort of damage,” firefighters said according to the broadcaster.

This is the second explosion reported at a Dunwoody residential development. The last fire and blast at Dunwoody Village apartments happened before Christmas. Two people were injured.

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