Republican Reps Tom Tiffany from Wisconsin and Scott Perry from Pennsylvania  introduced legislation on Tuesday, March 2 calling for the federal government to abandon its “one-China policy” and resume formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan without intermeddling with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The bill also calls on the Biden administration to support Taiwan’s membership in international organizations and begin negotiations with Taipei to develop a U.S.-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement.

It also suggests the United States appoint an ambassador to Taiwan and host a Taiwanese ambassador to the United States.

According to Tiffany’s official website, U.S. presidents have frequently repeated the CCP’s fallacious claim that Taiwan is part of communist China, even though its citizens do not believe this to be true.

“As an independent nation that proudly collaborates with Taiwan across a wide spectrum of issues, it’s long past time the United States exercised our sovereign right to state what the world knows to be true: Taiwan is an independent country and has been for over 70 years,” Perry said.

The United States maintained normal diplomatic relations with Taiwan until 1979 when then-President Jimmy Carter abruptly cut formal ties with Taipei and recognized the CCP.

Since then, the United States has maintained a nondiplomatic relationship with Taiwan based on the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA).

However, in isolated cases such as during the Trump administration, the United States maintained very close contact with Taiwanese authorities and expressed its unconditional support in their defense against the outrages of the CCP.

This situation remains on pause as the Biden administration has not yet given concrete signals of its policy intentions toward the CCP.

It’s expected, due to its common globalist and leftist agenda, that Biden administration’s treatment of the CCP will be overly permissive.

“Taiwan is a free, democratic, and independent country, and it’s time U.S. policy reflected that fact,” Tiffany added. “It is time to do away with this outdated policy.”

The CCP claims Taiwan as part of its territory and has threatened to link the island to the mainland through military action.

However, Taiwan is a de facto independent nation with a democratic government, constitution, and military.

Unfortunately, it is under the microscope of the dictatorial CCP, which in its lust for power threatens to invade and end Taiwan’s relative independence.

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