Conservative journalist Alex Marlow’s new book, Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, reveals the deep connections between the U.S. corporate media and the Chinese Communist regime, which explains their role in misinforming about the true origin of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus and telling the truth about the regime’s responsibility for the global pandemic.

As Marlow writes in his new book, the media, along with Big Tech, sought to turn the virus into a perfect tool to fulfill the left’s objectives, promoting a narrative that claims that former President Trump was largely responsible for everything bad that happened in the United States concerning the virus, due to alleged incompetence on the part of the former president to resolve the situation.

The only possible solution, the media reported since the pandemic began, was a massive expansion of government and more corporate control over our lives.

During the beginning of the spread of the virus, it became clear that none of the corporate media nor the big Silicon Valley social platforms would collaborate with society to provide true information about the situation, the only purpose during 2020 every time the media talked about the virus, was to damage the Trump administration with the clear objective of preventing his reelection in the November elections.

But the web is even more complex. According to the book reports, the media’s intention is not just to take down Trump simply because of ideological differences. There is a lot of money and power at stake. 

Former President Trump managed to arouse the wrath of the Chinese regime for standing in the way of its globalist plans and exposing the evil of the CCP in all its actions to the whole world. 

Now, most of the major global and national media outlets, which control the vast majority of the flow of information about the pandemic, have deep financial ties to China or would like to have them someday, Marlow says.

One of the examples mentioned in the book is the case of NBC News. The multimedia giant is part of the multinational conglomerate NBC Comcast Universal. In this regard, Marlow writes in a note in Breitbart:

“Why would NBC News do a big exposé on, say, Chinese concentration camps when there is a Universal Studios in Beijing? Or why would NBC make it clear to their readers and viewers that China is the worst human rights abuser on Earth when, say, the latest movie from the Fast and Furious franchise is set to open and Universal is handling the international distribution?”

He also mentions the case of another media giant, ABC News, which the Walt Disney Company owns. Disney’s business interests in China are enormous, including the possibility of accessing billions of dollars in movie and theme park revenues, considering China’s huge population.

It’s not for nothing that the end credits of the Mulan movie included a thank you to a Chinese government security office linked to the Uighur concentration camps in the Xinjiang area where just part of the movie was filmed. 

“Laurene Powell Jobs, the Soros-style tech heiress and billionaire who funds much of the American media, from The Atlantic to Axios, Mother Jones, Pro Publica and more, derives much of her untold wealth from Apple and Disney, two major companies with deep financial ties to China,” is another of the paradigm cases that can be studied in detail in Marlow’s new book.

In Breaking the News, a long list of important media with strong financial connections to the CCP is listed, apart from those already mentioned, such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, Facebook, and Twitter. 

But looking at these examples alone, anyone can easily understand why the media would not be the least bit interested in uncovering and reporting the origins of the coronavirus, especially in an election year when Trump was directing all his accusations towards the CCP.

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