Fox News host Tucker Carlson has further criticized the FBI and Democrat party about their transparency on the information about the insurrection incident on Jan. 6.

Carlson referred to the investigation report from Revolver News that raises the question of whether certain members of “far-right extremist groups” who have gone unindicted were FBI informants or undercover operatives.

He had previously implied that the FBI was involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot’s planning on Tuesday, June 15, and on Thursday night, he dug deeper into the subject.

He shared his belief that the government was hiding something, “probably quite a few things,” and in his opinion, the best way to deal with it was to find out what the government was hiding.

The Fox News host raised three main questions that are left unanswered:

“How many of the so-called insurrectionists on Jan. 6 had a relationship with the FBI? How many of these FBI moles encouraged others that day to break the law at the Capitol?”

“If the Justice Department knew there were going to be protestors massing at the Capitol that day, and it’s clear they did know, then why didn’t they do anything to stop the riot? Why did police at the Capitol allow protestors to walk in, as video shows that they did?”

“Why can’t we see the tape for ourselves? The government is hiding more than 14,000 hours of video surveillance tape that shows exactly what did happen at the Capitol that day? Why are they hiding that? And why aren’t news organizations demanding to see it?”

Meanwhile, he has been heavily criticized by left-wing media outlets, calling the idea “wild,” and a “baseless theory,” rather than directly answer those questions.

“We haven’t heard anyone answer these questions or even address them,” he said.

“If the answer is ‘none’, if none of the protesters was secretly working with the FBI that day, then we were wrong. And we will apologize for it, sincerely. We will admit it immediately,” Carlson added.

He said that the FBI had done such things before, but it was “beyond dispute.” However, this time the FBI has the mainstream media disputing for them.

“Not the FBI directly—they haven’t said a word. But the obedient minions of the national security state who run the social media accounts for the NY Times and occupy the anchor desks at CNN, they became hysterical when we mentioned it.”

Carlson concluded that the mainstream media outlets were actually “working to protect the regime at the expense of the public.”

He demanded those who “claim otherwise are liars and hacks and should leave the public state immediately because they have betrayed their readers and viewers.”

“Please prove us wrong,” he stated.

In fact, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson and his staff recently reviewed some 14,000 hours of surveillance footage and found no evidence of “violence” or an “armed insurrection.”

“That is how about 38% of the approximate 800 people entered the Capitol—no confrontation—they just basically walked in the door,” he said in a video shared on Rumble. “I want to know a little bit more about that [and] I would like to be able to interview those officers about exactly what happened.”

The senator reached a disturbing conclusion that the Democratic Party and mainstream media most likely misled the nation through lying about the siege.

“Left-leaning media bias is destroying this country,” he said in the video. “It is extremely important to create an accurate historical record of exactly what happened, so the false narrative that thousands of armed insurrectionists does not last.”

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