Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson announced Sunday, Jan. 9, that he would run for re-election, thus seeking a third term in office.

While he had initially said he was not seeking a third term, Johnson openly declared in an interview to Fox News that the Democrats govern in a “very divisive and destructive manner.” Hence, he feels he “can’t walk away” as he can “make a real difference.” 

“I would like to go home. I am not doing this because I want to be somebody. I value being a U.S. Senator, but I am doing this for a real reason,” Johnson said.

Johnson is well known for being an open supporter of former President Trump’s policies. He has also questioned how the present administration has failed to handle COVID and criticized the media and big tech.

“The No. 1 thing is, we have lost confidence, legitimately, with the FBI and the Justice Department and their corrupt investigation of Trump; health care agencies and their miserable failure of handing COVID; the media, for the most part; big tech giants – people have lost confidence in these institutions that are vital to a free democracy,” Johson said to Fox News. 

He added that “The bottom line is I just truly love this country, I love the people in it, the folks of Wisconsin,” Johnson said. “Our nation is in trouble, it is being torn apart, and I think I can help the situation, which is why I have decided to run again.” 

Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes and other Democrats have questioned Johnson for breaking his promise of only serving for two terms. Barnes, who is also running for election and seeking to become the first Black senator of Wisconsin, said in a statement that “The only people celebrating Ron Johnson’s announcement are his donors and the corporate special interest groups he’s bailed out time and time again. Let’s get to work and retire this failed senator.” 

It is expected to be a hotly contested race, though the Republican opponent will be known just after the Aug. 9 primary. 

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