The CCP has always sought ways to manipulate the masses through the media. Currently, the strategy seems to come from using Ban Yue Tan, a News Agency founded by the CCP’s mouthpiece Xinhua News Agency, to put its opposition stance against Xi Jinping on display in various articles, according to Visión Times.

The CCP has always directed the thinking to be followed by the masses, and the media such as the People’s Daily, Beijing Daily, Tianjin Daily, Chongqing Daily, Jiefang Daily, Nanfang Daily, and Liberation Army Daily have always used the same narrative in favor of their leader.

But, two CCP spokespersons contradict Xi Jinping’s governance: Ban Yue Tan and Study Times, who seem to follow the line that the CCP Central Committee orders them to make the CCP leader not get a win in his re-election.