Upon delivering the 12.9-pound infant last Monday, Oct. 7, an Australian mum jokingly likened her newborn daughter to a “mini sumo wrestler.”

Wollongong couple Emma and Daniel Millar told Illawarra Mercury, a local news source, that their newborn baby was not even full term.

Remi Frances Millar’s weight was almost double the national average at just 38 weeks and two days, with newborn babies usually weighing about 7.26 pounds in Australia.

“She’s like a mini sumo wrestler. I did expect to have a larger baby as I had gestational diabetes, but not this big,” Emma Millar said.

Millar said Remi’s appearance on Australia’s “Today”show has made her immediately famous since her birth, their “big bundle of joy.”

About her time at Wollongong Hospital, Millar said, “When I’ve walked around with her there’s always a crowd of people.”

Remi is happy, content, and thriving.

Also born on the larger side was the mum of the three eldest daughters, Willow, weighing in at 12 pounds.

When she recovers from her emergency cesarean, Millar is advised to avoid bearing anything heavier than 13 pounds.

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