For some time now, Chinese citizens have been encouraged to show the discontent generated by the strict measures of the zero COVID policies of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Some people dared to post strong criticism toward the CCP, others expressed their angst through ironic jokes, including exposing the ridiculous and extreme lockdowns, extensive city closures, and constant COVID tests.

Professor He, a singer-songwriter from northeast China, dared to perform a song titled, “Song Written for Pandemic,” which was widely circulated on social networks after he performed in a bar in Dongcheng district, Beijing, on the night of August 13.

The lyrics of the song say, “It’s been a long time since I picked up a guitar, because the performances are all yellow … There are people everywhere on the street, but they won’t let them see the performance. There are 7 days in a week, and I’ve done 10 nucleic acid tests, and I heard I need3 shots of the vaccine. When you come back you may be infected.”

“I need nucleic acid again! I’ll be quarantined again! The city will be shut down again! My health aide is showing up again! How can you live like this?”

The singer-songwriter was encouraged to put in one of the choruses: “national curse” and the people gave resounding applause.

The song expresses the reality of the terrible situation that each individual lives confronting the CCP’s zero COVID policy. The performer added a dash of humor to so much social unrest.

The brave man is a popular Chinese artist, who adapted a song he wrote, called “Song to My Children,” to describe how helpless Chinese people are under the strict control of the CCP’s policy.

Employees at the bar, where he performed, said that about 2,300 people listened attentively to Professor He’s music.

One netizen praised the singer, “He’s the man!” and other Shanghai users who had just come out of lockup shouted, “When are you coming to Shanghai?”

Yang, a Professor He fan said that the song “relieves the anger” of Chinese society and has touched people’s hearts. The artist’s fan added that although the lyrics are a bit crude, you can clearly understand the message. It not only talks about the pandemic, but criticizes the CCP’s zero COVID policy.

On the other hand, a composer from Beijing named Li, said that the professor’s music is not complicated, but rare sincerity in this era.

Li said that the artistic creation, for example, of today’s singers, depends on the requirements and intentions of the CCP’s top leaders, because like Chinese journalists, they are all part of the CCP’s propaganda.

“An artist must have feelings and personality,” artists who lack these “cannot influence people’s hearts.” For this reason, Professor He’s sincerity has won the support of Chinese citizens, the composer added.

Unfortunately, after the accolades and increasing fan base, the video was censored.

Recently, internet users reported that Professor He’s video cannot be viewed on social media platforms, and was banned from WeChat groups.

As of August 19, the song was removed from Bilibili (commonly known as Station B) and Weibo. Some netizens also commented that they shared the video on Twitter and their accounts were suspended as “misleading content.”

Concern for Professor He’s safety

Now, his fans and internet users are worried about Professor He’s safety. The artist announced on his Weibo account last month that he would perform in each of Beijing’s five bars in August, although he also remarked that the CCP may cancel his show.

According to his Weibo account, the professor describes himself as a teenager addicted to the internet, and currently resides in Huizhou District, Guangdong. The popular singer announced that on August 17, he would give a concert in Beijing “Five Bursts” and on the August 20, he’ll be at the Beijing Tianqiao Art Center.

Staff at Guitar Bar in Nanluoguxiang, Beijing, confirmed to reporters that Professor He showed up to give the concert he had advertised on his networks.

In another development, the organizer of the event at Beijing’s Tianqiao Art Center posted on Weibo on August 20 that due to “force majeure” the concert scheduled for that day was canceled.

Although there is no news of upcoming concerts by Professor He, his song has been able to bypass censorship and is being heard in many parts of the world.

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