Uighurs in Northwest China have become the latest victims of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after it was revealed they are being subjected to sterilization on a massive scale.

Adrian Zenz, scholar, and chronicler of CCP’s atrocities in Xinjiang Province, has released figures of this latest crime against humanity. In a study published by The Jamestown Foundation, Zenz revealed the full horror of this crime.

The CCP has implemented a plan to decimate the Uighur population in their heartland, Southern Xinjiang.

Uighurs prefer the name “East Turkestan,” to Xinjiang, a name imposed by Imperial China in 1884, meaning “New Frontier” or “New Borderland.”

Zenz’s data and information was collected from Chinese public websites, and when compiled, it revealed the shocking truth. Southern Xinjiang’s population growth had plunged an alarming 90 percent between 2013/14 and 2019.

Figures show a dramatic decline in the population. (Adrian Zenz/The Jamestown Foundation)

The Uighur population is even below China’s national average, where the one-child policy was enforced 40 years ago. With the relaxation of this policy, Uighurs were able to have two or perhaps three children, and from 2005 to 2015 there were more children born in the Hotan and Kashgar areas than in Xinjiang.

Birth figures began to decline after mass roundups of around 1 million Uighurs into what were called “vocation training camps,” but in reality, were transformation through education camps that began in 2016. However, the sudden decline in the number of births between 2018/2019 set off alarm bells and led Zenz to dig deeper. “Internment alone cannot account for this,” said Zenz.

 He began to uncover the truth that a horrific program had been implemented in 2019 to sterilize vast numbers of women in Goma and Hotan cities, on the outermost southern shore of the Taklamakan Desert.

This shocking discovery revealed sterilizations there were 143 times the national average. It was an area where sterilization procedures had previously been rare, but now, after a spike in the figures in 2016, by 2019 the figures had blown totally out of proportion.

“This explains the dramatic decrease in population growth in those Uyghur regions in one year between 2018-2019,” said Zenz. “It is breathtaking.”

The data Zenz uncovered revealed between 14 and 34 percent of all married women of childbearing age were scheduled for sterilization within 12 months. “Basically, any woman with more than three children will be sterilized,” he said, adding that officials would be “in big trouble,” if government orders were not followed.

Figures showing that already between 2016 and 2018, sterilizations per 100,000 of the population started to climb steeply in Xinjiang, compared with the number nationally. (Adrian Zenz/The Jamestown Foundation).


Sterilizations in Hotan and Pishan cities, increased a shocking 148 times compared to the rest of China in one year alone.

Zens said the ultimate goal of the CCP is to seize total control of population growth in Xinjiang. The plan it has implemented means 80 percent of women in Xinjiang will be sterilized or fitted with an IUD, with twice a month pregnancy checks.

“For the government, it becomes like a faucet. It can be turned on or off,” he said wryly. The aim, he concluded, was to seize full control of population growth in Xinjiang.

Bitter Winter spoke with several Uighur women, and they reinforced the belief that the CCP was attempting to wipe them out.

“This is proof, as if we needed it, that there is a genocide going on in Xinjiang,” said Mehrigul, a Uighur refugee living in Istanbul. “The Chinese government [CCP] is determined to wipe us and our culture out,” said Aigul, also living in Turkey, who was forced to flee leaving her 7-year-old daughter behind. “I had already had three children when I was pregnant with her,” she said, distraught and fingering the only photo she still has of her little girl.

Uighur children. (Screenshot/YouTube Amnesty International)

“Rather than have an abortion, I fled to live with relatives in a remote village to have her. I returned with a baby and claimed she belonged to my sister,” adding that this was common practice for women who have too many children. But registration was impossible. “We could never get her registered and made legal,” she said. “She couldn’t go to school with no ID, and getting a passport would never happen,” she cried, explaining that the last she heard, her daughter had been taken away by officials and put in a CCP orphanage.

International court case accuses China of genocide

Now, in the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, credible evidence of genocide against the Uighurs by the CCP has been presented.

Uighurs such as the Activist groups, The East Turkestan Government in Exile (ETGE), and the East Turkestan National Awakening Movement, (ETNAM) are demanding accountability for CCP officials implicated in the atrocities.

In the first attempt to hold the CCP accountable for its crimes by using international law, UK barrister Rodney Dixon QC, an expert in international law, is representing the groups. A list of crimes leveled at the CCP includes murder, unlawful imprisonment, torture, forced birth control, and sterilization. Accusations are also made against senior Chinese officials, with at least 30 names, including Chinese leader Xi Jinping, of planning to decimate the Turkic people within their homeland.

“It has been assumed for too long that China [the CCP] is beyond the reach of ICC. But it is no longer the case,” he said, citing the forced extradition of Uighurs from two member states, Tajikistan and Cambodia, back to China to face persecution, Dixon said.

“We are in a position where there is a very clear legal pathway to allow for the ICC to commence its investigations.” “It’s not a way round the law, it is very much the law,” he added.

“If you capture people, and you have a campaign to suppress them and you sterilize them, it is a campaign, which intends to dilute and destroy their identity as a group,” Dixon told the New York Times earlier.

The CCP, however, does not accept the international court’s jurisdiction.


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