Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the people of Shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, suffered both electricity outages and water cuts. A video posted online shows a large group of residents late at night carrying buckets and lining up to get water. Netizens saw this and said: “In the daylight, we queue up for nucleic acid testing, at night, we queue up for water.”

NTDTV reposted a video from a Shenzhen netizen on Weibo showing that, on the evening of July 30, at Longjing Road, Shenzhen City, a long line of people waiting to get water. After a hard day’s work, at night they still have to wait for the water truck to arrive, then take the water home to bathe and only then go to bed.

The station quoted some comments from Shenzhen netizens, one of whom said: “I am in a tier-1 city and the water and electricity is cut off.” “Out of seven days a week, four days without electricity and one day without water, it’s hard to believe I’m living in Shenzhen.”

Another netizen commented: “Recently life is like an adventure, if there’s no water outage, the electricity will also be cut off, it’s hard to believe I’m in Shenzhen.”

The notice for the water cut by Shenzhen Water Corporation posted on Weibo shows that, since the end of June, some areas in Shenzhen have been cut off for various reasons. There is a notice saying that it is due to the water pipe renovations, others saying that the water pipe is under repair. 

Mingsheng Bao newspaper reported on March 24 this year that some areas in Shenzhen used the water cut-off to force people to take nucleic acid tests. One resident also confirmed that “if you did not get the nucleic acid test in the morning, the water will be cut off in the afternoon.”

According to NTDTV, in addition to the water cut-off, there have also been electricity outages in the districts of Nanshan, Longgang, Futian, Longhua, and Baoan in Shenzhen. Netizens in many parts of Shenzhen have not stopped commenting online.

According to Aboluowang, Shenzhen is one of the tier-1 cities in China that complies with draconian pandemic prevention measures, including having to submit a 48-hour negative nucleic acid certificate. Recently city authorities also implemented restrictions related to nucleic tests, replacing the location code with a collective code. This means that if one person in a health code region does not take a nucleic acid test, the entire region will be yellow coded, which has increased the anger of the people.

Aboluowang said that on August 1, a netizen visiting Shenzhen posted on Weibo that, after a group of passengers left Shenzhen North Station, they walked along the road with a nucleic acid test station, and were stopped midway to check. This netizen asked: “Is it really necessary to stop us to test nucleic acid in such a disorderly manner? It’s almost the fourth year of the pandemic, is this measure really effective?”

Another netizen said: “Today I observed the situation of plane tickets and high-speed train tickets. High-speed train tickets from Shenzhen to Beijing are no longer sold, and flights are all arriving at the destination at midnight.”

This netizen asked: “May I ask if there is a pandemic in Shenzhen? Why do some people return from Shenzhen with a yellow code… Can we still go in a few days?”

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