Infant mortality under Nicolás Maduro’s regime in Venezuela has soared to the point that analysts are already talking about genocide. 

Experts warn that the deterioration of medical and food supplies under Maduro’s regime is causing conditions that were already eradicated and turning common diseases into deadly plagues, especially for the most vulnerable: children. 

“The current health situation is at a very delicate breaking point,” Ephraim Mattos, executive director of Stronghold Rescue & Relief, told Fox News.

“We will never know the exact number of people who have died due to the corruption of Maduro’s government, but what is happening in Venezuela, especially to children, is nothing but genocide.”

Venezuela, one of the most thriving economies in the region just a few years ago, has become an impoverished nation, bankrupt and lacking the most basic services. 

“One of the biggest health crises children face is the simple dysentery caused by contaminated food and water that they are forced to eat and drink just to survive in Venezuela,” he explains.

“Dysentery causes children to be even more malnourished and dehydrated, which further complicates the problem,” Mattos said.

“Children who should not only survive, but also thrive, die every day,” he said. 

Last year, the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation estimated that the country was enduring an 85 percent shortage of medicines and conditions are continuing to spiral, according to the same media. 

Francisco Valencia, a Venezuelan human rights activist and subject of the new Human Rights Watch festival film, said, “Venezuela is experiencing a complex humanitarian emergency and has blocked any international cooperation that might alleviate the emergency.

On Thursday, July 11, U.S. Senator Rick Scott declared that the situation in Venezuela is genocide. 

“Genocide. Maduro and his thugs are causing children to suffer, starve and die due to the poor living conditions, lack of food, and dehydration,” the senator wrote on Twitter.

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