The mother of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Olinda Bonturi Bolsonaro, died today Jan. 21 at the age of 94, after two heart attacks. Her funeral honors are being prepared in the city of Eldorado, in the state of São Paulo.

President Bolsonaro canceled his trip to Guyana and will return to Brazil from Paramaribo, Suriname, to attend the ceremony, which is expected to be held at the Parish Hall, according to the Globo media of Jan. 21. 

Mrs. Olinda was admitted to the São João Hospital, in Registro, in the interior of São Paulo, on January 17, affected by a urinary tract infection and evidencing dehydration.

Two days later her health condition showed improvement, however, on the third day she suffered a bronchoaspiration during sleep, causing lung damage that weakened her significantly. This condition was followed by two fulminant heart attacks. 

President Bolsonaro himself broke the news when he wrote via Twitter: “I regret the passing of my dear mother. May God welcome her in his infinite goodness.”

In another later tweet, he attached a video showing them in their last funny encounter, laughing joyfully. 

Mrs. Olinda’s relatives, among children and grandchildren, said goodbye to her through their social media accounts. Her grandson and son of the president, Councilman Carlos Bolsonaro, was one of the first to do so. 

For his part, the federal deputy and son of the president wrote: “Sadly, my grandmother Olinda passed away. May God receive her in the best possible way. I remember the sweet moments of my childhood to the most recent ones with her and her peculiar laughter.”

Citizens also paid their respects to the death of the president’s mother, in messages addressed to him, as did Twitter user @PorongoDe.

“My sentiments President, may God comfort the whole family and give you strength to continue fighting for the Brazilian people against these tyrants and thieves who have taken over the country in recent years, with the excuse of defending democracy and reducing inequalities,” he expressed.  

Likewise, the internet user @Raqueld86815220 expressed her condolences in a tweet: “President, in this difficult and painful moment I ask God to comfort the family and you, feel embraced by all of us, strength. My sentiments.”

Similar messages were presented by Brazilian senators, among them those of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro, who recalled the affectionate relationship with his grandmother, stating: “Grandmother, take care of us there with God! Thank you very much for everything”.

In turn, the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, expressed his sorrow for the unfortunate event, writing through the Senate website

“My condolences to President Jair Bolsonaro on the passing of his mother, Olinda Bolsonaro, which occurred on Friday. I extend my condolences to other family members and friends. May God comfort everyone,” Pacheco posted.

Senator Vanderlan Cardoso expressed himself in similar terms: “With dismay, I and my wife Izaura Cardoso received the news of the death of President Jair Bolsonaro’s mother, Mrs. Olinda”. 

He added: “She was 94 years old and was admitted to the São João Hospital, in São Paulo. May God give comfort to the entire Bolsonaro family for the loss of their matriarch”.

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