Recently, CCP Fujian authorities refuted the rumor that “100 Chinese people deposited 7.8 trillion yuan in a Swiss bank,” and “corrected” the relevant figures, but this caused many netizens to ridicule.

On August 19, China Fund News reported that recently, an article was circulated online with the title: 100 Chinese people deposited 7.8 trillion yuan ($1.14 trillion) in a Swiss bank? Who are they? That would mean the average deposit per person will be 78 billion yuan (more than $11 billion).

The Fujian government denied that the rumor spread on the internet was true! The “Swiss Bank” mentioned in the main article refers to UBS Group AG. According to UBS, it is the largest financial group in Europe, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and was rated by the European Monetary System as the world’s best private bank for four consecutive years from 2004 to 2007.

China Foundation News investigated the rumor, that all the money was from the assets of China’s 373 richest people in 2017. Replacing “373” with “100” is more eye-catching and attracts more attention. Rumors are created this way.

According to Sound of Hope, in August 2020, the Swiss Embassy in China posted on Weibo an announcement celebrating the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the CCP and Switzerland. At that time, a large number of netizens flooded into the comment area to ask Switzerland to stand with the Chinese people and announce the “Thieves List” (implying corrupt officials) and the “Hundred People List.” 

The “Hundred People List” refers to a QQ article in August 2019 titled “Stunned, Swiss Bank announced that 100 Chinese people have a total deposit of 7.8 trillion!” After the article was forwarded by GuKang, the former director of the Institute of Finance and Economics of the Chinese Ministry of Finance, it attracted the attention of netizens.

According to the article, the Swiss bank announced that the total deposit of 100 Chinese people in Swiss banks was 7.8 trillion yuan, and the average deposit was 78 billion yuan per person. Of course, the real data remains for further research. But is it really worth thinking about. If it were true, how scary would it be, and how much would it disappoint people?

After the Finance Magazine reposted the content of Fujian’s refuting the so-called rumor on Weibo, it caused sarcastic remarks and doubts from Weibo netizens.

The Epoch Times quoted some of the comments ranging from the fact that Switzerland, the first country to call for sanctions against China, were not unfounded, to someone pointing out that if the CCP hadn’t refuted the rumor he wouldn’t have known about it.

One person commented that when Switzerland want to say who was on the client list “a certain country” (meaning China) was opposed.

Meanwhile, according to China Digital Times, the comment area of ​​ the Finance Magazine soon started censoring comments, and the forwarding function was also closed.

Sina Weibo also marked the information “100 Chinese people deposited 7.8 trillion yuan in Swiss Bank” as false information.

According to The Epoch Times, many netizens have forwarded this news to other comment areas to continue the heated discussion.

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